Are You Prepared (Or Insured) To Cover Sports Games

Posted By: Andy Barker

Please do not put yourself, your players or your career at risk by covering sports games by not being qualified, or insured to do so.

So many therapists are standing at the side of a pitch, court, track or some other sports venue, covering sports games, when they should not be.

This is happening all over, in every sport, and the worst thing…

Most therapists do not even know the risks and that they should not be doing this.

There are two big things you need to know.

Firstly, you need to make sure you know the medical standards for the sport and the level you are covering.

Every sport has these, for every level of the game, and it is your responsibility to know what the medical standards are, and that you adhere and fulfil these.

Failure to adhere to these standards means you failing in your duty of care to your players and if something serious was to happen, and medical standards have not been adhered to, you could be deemed negligent.

Where You Are Going WRONG With The Shoulder

Secondly, and as important, you need to know if you are insured to cover games.

Every insurance policy is different, so you need to check that your policy covers you for the events you are covering.

In the event something might happen the last thing you want is a big lawsuit against you, and you having to foot the bill!

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