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EPISODE 99 – New Grad Physio: ‘Are You Making This Vital Career Mistake?

It might be that dream first job…
Perfect placement…
Or even that next promotion that will give you more responsibility, more authority or more pay…


New Grad Physio Podcast 98

EPISODE 98 – New Grad Physio: ‘Lessons Learned From England Rugby

Working with the England Rugby Union team, consulting at the FA, in professional Rugby League and Super League Netball…

Or working in the private practice clinic…


New Grad Physio

EPISODE 97 – New Grad Physio: ‘The First Sign Your Skills Are Fading’

As a new grad you will make mistakes.

But a mistake is only a mistake if you do it once.


New Grad Physio

EPISODE 96 – NewGrad Physio: ‘Treat The Man Not The Scan’

MRI’s are thought as the ‘gold standard’ to make an accurate diagnosis but they might actually cause more problems than solutions!

One big thing with any imaging is to remember that a scan gives you an image of anatomy and not function. 


New Grad Physio Podcast

EPISODE 95 – NewGrad Physio: ‘Why Your Career Is Not Progressing & How To Change This

There is always a reason why you are not quite able to get the patient results you really want…

Or start to climb the career ladder like you were thought you would…


New Grad Physio Podcast

EPISODE 94 – NewGrad Physio: ‘Why Experience Is Not As Important As You Think

So many therapists think that you need to get years of experience to get consistent patient results and start progressing your career.

This is one of if not the biggest misconception for new grad physio’s.


New Grad Physio Podcast

EPISODE 93 – NewGrad Physio: ‘Knowing When It Is Safe To Return To Running’

Making the decision to clear a patient or athlete for higher level activities like running or a return to sport can seem like a BIG call.

It is a big step in the rehab process but only if you haven’t done the work beforehand, and your patient has not earned the right to progress to the higher levels of rehab.


EPISODE 92 – NewGrad Physio: ‘Ankle Differential Diagnosis’

The ankle is one of the most simple joints in the body and you see injuries at this joint all the time, however…

Many therapists often make a hash of their treatments and rehab, even with the most simple of ankle sprains.


EPISODE 91 – NewGrad Physio: ‘Communication, Difficult Questions & MDT Working With Top Sports Doc Jon Power [MDT Series]’
In this special podcast episode I was joined by top Sports & Exercise Medicine (SEM) Consultant Dr Jon Power.

I have a pretty small circle of people that I seek and take advice from and Jon is top of the tree.

EPISODE 90 – NewGrad Physio: ‘How To Deal With Difficult Patient Questions’
Truth is you might never be sure you made the right diagnosis.

But with a sound assessment structure, ensuring you are safe, and by making a logical and reasoned clinical decision, in the best interests of your patient or athlete, then you will be able make the right call 99.9% of the time….

EPISODE 89 – NewGrad Physio: ‘Basic Skills Save Lives’
Basic skills done brilliantly work 99% of the time.

Whether it is your patient assessment, hands-on treatment techniques, the rehab you prescribe…

EPISODE 88 – NewGrad Physio: ‘Are You Prepared Or Insured To Cover Sports Games’
Please do not put yourself, your players or your career at risk by covering sports games by not being qualified, or insured to do so.

So many therapists are standing at the side of a pitch, court, track or some other sports venue, covering sports games, when they should not be.

EPISODE 87 – NewGrad Physio: ‘Dr Sarah Whitehead [MDT Series] – Evidence Informed Practice For Therapists’
You have heard about evidence based practice right?

But what about evidence ‘informed’ practice?

EPISODE 86 – NewGrad Physio: ‘Chris Black [MDT Series] – Networking, Coaching & Rehab Skills For Therapists’
For the first podcast episode of this special MDT series I caught up with top strength and conditioning coach Chris Black.

Chris has a wealth of experience, particularly in rugby, most noticeably with the Leeds Rhinos and Yorkshire Carnegie.

EPISODE 85 – NewGrad Physio: ‘Your Dream Job – Are You On The Right Path?’
Think of your career journey like a car journey.

You want to get from A to B.

A is where you are right now.

EPISODE 84 – NewGrad Physio: ‘It’s WHAT You Know Not WHO You Know’
It’s not what you know, it’s who you know?



EPISODE 83 – NewGrad Physio: ‘Are You Making This Vital Mistake Stopping You Ever Achieving Your Dream Job?’
No matter which way you want your career to go or what your dream job is…

Making a fast start and ensuring you are heading in the right direction at the beginning of your career is vital…

EPISODE 82 – NewGrad Physio: ‘Concussion – A Guide For New Grads Working In Sport’
Concussion is a very talked about subject right now, especially in sport.

Almost daily there is a story about a current athlete struggling with concussion or ex-athletes suffering long term problems, like dementia and Alzheimer’s, that are starting to be linked to previous incidence of concussion…

EPISODE 81 – NewGrad Physio: ‘Shoulder Assessments – Avoid These 3 Vital Mistakes’
The Acromioclavicular joint (ACJ) is a relatively simple joint.

It has very little movement…

It joins the clavicle or collarbone to the acromion (shoulder)…

EPISODE 80 – NewGrad Physio: ‘MCL Knee Injury Rehab – From The Bed To The Field’
MCL (medial collateral ligament)injuries are very common but there are a lot of misconceptions about how to rehab these injuries.

When do you start?

Can you do exercises in the brace?

EPISODE 79 – NewGrad Physio: ‘Where You Are Going WRONG With The Shoulder’
The shoulder is more complicated in many ways than other joints like the knee or ankle.

But that does not mean you can’t still get quick results…

EPISODE 78 – NewGrad Physio: ‘Connect Before You Correct – The Key To Finding The Right Patient Diagnosis’
Connect before you correct.

This is so important to the effectiveness of your patient assessments and your ability to find the right patient diagnosis.

EPISODE 77 – NewGrad Physio: ‘[Success Series] Katie Davis – Why Pelvic Rehab Is NOT Just For Women’
On the final instalment of my success series I was joined on the podcast by Katie Davis, private practice and women’s health physiotherapist.

Katie was a wealth of experience in the NHS and private sectors and is a specialist in women’s health.

EPISODE 76 – NewGrad Physio: ‘[Success Series] Gareth Robinson: A Day In The Life Of A Top Sports Physio’
On this episode I had another special guest as part of my success series as I was joined by Gareth Robinson, sports physiotherapist and current personal therapist to one of the world’s top golfers.

We recorded this podcast as Gareth was away in Abu Dhabi on the golf circuit and we delved into what life is like as a therapist travelling around the world working with a top golfer.

EPISODE 75 – NewGrad Physio: ‘[Success Series] Ben Harper – Internship To Olympic Games: How To Make A Career In Pro Sport’
In this special guest podcast I was joined by current lead physiotherapist for the Great Britain Olympic Taekwondo team, Ben Harper.

Prior to his current role in Olympic sport Ben has been involved in professional rugby union and rugby league, most noticeably with the Leeds Rhinos, Castleford Tigers and the Huddersfield Giants, the later where he was the Head of Physiotherapy and Rehab.

EPISODE 74 – NewGrad Physio: ‘Success Series; Caroline White – From No Jobs To The Best Jobs: Navigating Your Career As A New Grad’
As part of my Success Series I was joined on the podcast by Caroline White, current Football Association Women’s Phase Lead Physiotherapist.

Prior to working in football at the FA, Caroline has worked in top flight Rugby Union with both the Northampton Saints and Gloucester, in the NHS, within University sport, with the Great Britain handball team and in a host of other roles.

EPISODE 73 – NewGrad Physio: ‘Maximise Your Patients Results In Just 5 Mins’
What is not measured is not managed.

This is 100% true.

But I’m not talking here about your patients assessments but actually your OWN assessment as a therapist.

EPISODE 72 – NewGrad Physio: ‘Picking The Right Exercises For Your Patient’
Knowing where to start with a patients rehab programme may sometimes seem hard.

What exercises do you pick?

How many reps or sets should your patient do?

EPISODE 71 – NewGrad Physio: ‘Hip Impingement – Are You Treating The Wrong Hip’
Hip pain can be tough to get a grip a hold of.

I’m sure you have seen those patients that seem to get better, sometimes quickly, but then just as quickly, they regress…

EPISODE 70 – NewGrad Physio: ‘What The Patella Sweep Test Is Really Telling You’
The patella sweep test is a simple knee special test but…

It is the simple tests that are often the best tests!

This test can give you some important information about your patient’s knee injury…

EPISODE 69 – NewGrad Physio: ‘The MUST Know Ankle Syndesmosis Test’
One of the most common lower limb misdiagnoses made by new grad’s involves ankle syndesmosis injuries.

Often these injuries are mistaken for lateral ankle injuries like an ATFL or CFL ligament injury…

EPISODE 68 – NewGrad Physio: ‘Ruling Out Serious Injury At The Neck’
Neck pain patients with positive red flag symptoms, like pins and needles and weakness, used to get my head in a spin as a New Grad.

I used to worry that I would make this kind of patient worse…

EPISODE 67 – NewGrad Physio: ‘Why Prescribing Rehab Without A Diagnosis Is Malpractice’
Think about going to see your doctor.

And before you even get chance to explain what is going on…

The doctor just gives you some pills and shows you the door.

EPISODE 66 – NewGrad Physio: ‘Knowing What To Do With Your Patients Even Before They Walk In The Door’
Whilst every patient you see will be different…

They will have different injuries…

Different past medical histories…

EPISODE 65 – NewGrad Physio: ‘How To Clinically Reason Every Treatment Or Rehab Exercise You Use Whatever Your Patients Injury’
If you sometimes find yourself getting stuck with your patients…

And wonder what treatment technique or rehab exercise to use once you have finished your patient assessments…

Then this podcast episode is for you!

EPISODE 64 – NewGrad Physio: ‘Why Impingement Is Not A Diagnosis And Why You Should Never Use It’
Impingement is NOT a diagnosis.

I hold my hands up and admit that I used to think it was…

And worse still, I admit I gave it this diagnosis to 100’s of patients and the athletes that I worked with.

EPISODE 63 – NewGrad Physio: ‘Shocking! Why ROM Testing Is Better Than Most ‘Special’ Tests
Have you noticed that most injuries you see are not quite as simple or clear cut as you were told at University.

Those textbook shoulder, knee or lower back pain patients never walk in to your clinic…

EPISODE 62 – NewGrad Physio: “The Shoulder’s NOT So Special Tests”
When it comes to the shoulder and special testing, the biggest mistake that I see New Grad’s make, is doing too many tests…

And worse than this…

EPISODE 61 – NewGrad Physio: “How To Find The Real Shoulder Issue Even Without A Clear Diagnosis”
Why is it that shoulders are so difficult to treat and especially, tricky to diagnose?

The reason…

EPISODE 60 – NewGrad Physio: “Jade Danes – How To Eliminate A Lack Of Confidence When You Graduate”
In this special episode I spoke to Jade Danes, a sports therapy graduate currently working in both professional sport and private practice.

Just in the last 12 months Jade has progressed from being turned down for jobs in both clinics and at professional sports clubs in favour of other sports therapists and physio’s…

EPISODE 59 – NewGrad Physio: “Ankle Rehab – STOP Treating The WRONG Thing”
Stop wasting your time and efforts on the wrong rehab exercises and treatments and halt your frustration…

So you can treat even tricky ankle patients!

EPISODE 58 – NewGrad Physio: “Are You Missing These 3 Vital Yellow Flag Questions”
He had depression and I didn’t know.

We were 4 months in to a 9 month rehab programme and he had been struggling for the last 3 months…

EPISODE 57 – NewGrad Physio: “10 Lessons Learned From 10 Years As A Physio”
I graduated in the Summer of 2010 and was straight to work in my first job as the Assistant First Team Physiotherapist at the Leeds Rhinos.

I have learnt a lot over the last 10 years…

EPISODE 56 – NewGrad Physio: “Recognising Red Flags With Lower Back Pain Patients”
You use your red flag questions to make sure you don’t miss any serious pathology and treat something you shouldn’t.

But despite what many therapists believe…

EPISODE 55 – NewGrad Physio: “A Simple Way To Rehab Anterior Hip Pain”
Anterior hip pain can often be tricky to get a hold of as it can be irritated by simple movements and positions, like squatting or lunging…

Or even sedentary activities like sitting or driving, so it often doesn’t take much to irritate symptoms…

EPISODE 54 – NewGrad Physio: “3 Simple Ways To Get Better Results With Lower Back Pain Patients”
Many treatment techniques offer only short lived improvements for patients with lower back pain.

I’m sure you found yourself treating the same muscles, improving patient symptoms, only to see their symptoms quickly return as quickly as they went away…

EPISODE 53 – NewGrad Physio: “Vertebral Artery Testing – Don’t Miss This Medical Emergency”
A vertebral artery problem is a medical emergency!

You are not going to see many of these cases but you need to know what patient signs and symptoms might make you suspect this injury…

EPISODE 52 – NewGrad Physio: “Is It Safe To Let The Knees Over The Toes When Squatting?”
There is a big difference in opinion about the best way to squat and in particular…

…should you let the knees come over the toes?

Many therapists think that letting your knees come over your toes is bad for your knees.

EPISODE 51 – NewGrad Physio: “Shoulder Pain – Hands-On Techniques That Actually Work”
If you have ever found yourself stuck for what treatments to use for a patient with shoulder pain…

…or sometimes find your current techniques don’t get the results you want…

EPISODE 50 – NewGrad Physio: “Ankle Injuries – When To Mobilise & When To Immobilise”
How do you best manage an acute ankle injury?

Beyond your usual application of ice, compression and elevation etc, one big decision is you need to make is should you protect the ankle?

EPISODE 49 – NewGrad Physio: “Sports Therapists – How To Compete With Physios For Physio Jobs”
Have you been overlooked in the past for a role because you are NOT a physio?

Maybe you experienced this as a student…

…when you were not been given the same opportunities on placements and…

EPISODE 48 – NewGrad Physio: “How To Pick The RIGHT First Job As A New Grad”
Picking your first job as a New Grad is a BIG decision.

How do you know a job is right for you?

EPISODE 47 – NewGrad Physio: “Dave Fahey – Student To Full-Time Pro Football In Less Than 18 Months”
In this special episode I am joined by New Grad Physio Dave Fahey as we discuss his rapid rise from student to his role now working full-time with Leeds United Football Club.

Learn how he was able to transition from University…

EPISODE 46 – NewGrad Physio: “Getting Your Foot In The Door In The NHS, Private Practice Or Sport”
Have you ever wondered why some therapists struggle to create opportunities whilst other New Grad’s seem to transition effortlessly from University and into the real world…

…and fly up the career ladder faster than anyone ever thought possible?

EPISODE 45 – NewGrad Physio: “Diagnosing Lower Back Pain”
Do you sometimes fear that you might do more harm than good with the patients you see with lower back pain?

This worry is common but results in many therapists applying a very conservative rehab plan, sometimes even prescribing ‘rest’…


EPISODE 44 – NewGrad Physio: “Where To Start With A Hamstring Injury”

Are you confident in your assessments to differentiate between a hamstring muscle, tendon or nerve injury?

Would you know how to manage each of these different issues?


EPISODE 43 – NewGrad Physio: “Taking Away The Fear Of Treating Neck Pain”

Neck injuries often bring an added worry and apprehension for therapists.

Maybe sometimes you…


EPISODE 42 – NewGrad Physio: “Knee Assessments Made Easy”

The knee itself is a relatively simple joint.

It’s a hinge joint, it flexes and extends (it also internally and externally rotates) but lets’ keep it simple…


EPISODE 41 – NewGrad Physio: “Where To Start With Shoulder Treatment & Rehab”

The shoulder can be challenging to deal with.

It is a complex joint, with many structures.

It is well evidenced that many shoulder special tests have poor sensitivity…


EPISODE 40 – NewGrad Physio: “Get Your First Job Or Promotion Even During Lock-Down”

Whilst the world is on a ‘go-slow’ at the moment and the therapy profession as we know it has almost driven to a halt, you may think that now is not the time to focus in on your career path…

Private clinics are shut, sport as we know is has stopped and almost everything other than front line care in the NHS has been cancelled.


EPISODE 39 – NewGrad Physio: “Why Rehab Goes Wrong – The Real Reason Patients Pain Comes Back”

When rehab doesn’t go well it is frustrating for your patient and for you as their therapist.

A common time to encounter rehab problems is when patients go back to higher-level activities like running, the gym, back to work or return to sport.

EPISODE 38 – NewGrad Physio: “How To Know You Have Prescribed The Right Rehab For Your Patient”
Do you sometimes wonder whether you have prescribed the right exercise for your patient or not?

Do you worry how you patient will respond and how they will turn up at their next appointment?

EPISODE 37 – NewGrad Physio: “Treat The Patient NOT The Textbook”
If you have qualified, you will know exactly what I mean when I say…

That what patients say and how they present is hugely different to what we were told at University.

The result…

EPISODE 36 – NewGrad Physio: “Why Every Knee Pain Patient Needs Calf Rehab”
Patients with knee pain, generally do very well, until…

They go back to higher-level activities like the gym, running or sport.

Once activity levels are increased their pain often returns, leaving the patient and the you…

EPISODE 35 – NewGrad Physio: “The UP YOURS Test To Diagnose Ankle Injuries”
Whilst in recent years therapists generally have become better at assessing ankle injuries, many syndesmosis (high ankle) injuries still get missed, often misdiagnosed as a lateral ankle injury.

This present a BIG problem as these injuries are managed in the same way as a lateral ankle injury…

EPISODE 34 – NewGrad Physio: “How To Leverage Your Learning During Lock-down”
Whilst these unprecedented circumstances present us with many challenges, you can use lock-down to your advantage.
Most therapists are finding they have more time on their hands and as such, it is a great opportunity to develop your skills and spend more dedicated and uninterrupted time on your CPD…
EPISODE 33 – NewGrad Physio: “When You Know Your Patient Is Ready For Higher – Level Activities”
Knowing when to allow your patients to return to higher level activities, like the gym, running and sport can be a difficult decision.

I’m sure you’ve been asked those questions from your patient like…

EPISODE 32 – NewGrad Physio: “STOP Overwhelm With Your Patient Assessments”
As therapists we ALL do the same 3 things…

We assess our patients…

EPISODE 31 – NewGrad Physio: “Is Anterior Knee Pain Really A Diagnosis?”
Just because a patient has knee pain it does NOT mean they have a knee problem…

If you can get your head around this important concept it will make your management of problems like ‘anterior knee pain,’ ‘shoulder impingement’ and other overuse injuries much easier…

EPISODE 30 – NewGrad Physio: “Rotator Cuff Rehab – Are We Getting It Wrong?”
The shoulder often proves problematic for both patients and therapists.

Pain can persist, with patients struggling to return to normal function, particularly more active patients, resulting in BIG frustration as a therapist, when despite your best efforts, your patients shoulder pain continues…

EPISODE 29 – NewGrad Physio: “How To Take Shortcuts With Your Patient Assessments”
Ever get to the end of your patient assessment and are NOT sure what might be going on with your patient?

At the end of the assessment, (ideally at the end of the subjective assessment), you should be able to able to diagnosis what your patient’s problem is – or so you were told at University…

EPISODE 28 – NewGrad Physio: “Making Mistakes As A New Grad – Good Or Bad?”
Is making mistakes as a New Grad Physio a good or bad thing?

It is generally thought that making mistakes is generally a good thing as a New Grad; as you are said to learn from these experiences and as a result get better…

EPISODE 27 – NewGrad Physio: “Simplifying Overuse Injuries”
Overuse injuries like Achilles or patella tendinopathies can often be tricky to manage.

Patients and athletes alike have often had these problems for long periods, have tried and failed rehab previously and some have even been told they ‘may have to live with their problem,’ or even worse, ‘give up’ their activity or sport…

EPISODE 26 – NewGrad Physio: “Don’t Treat The MRI”
Do you sometimes feel like you end up just treating the patients MRI report or the referral letter that has been sent from another practitioner, like a GP?

Even if they present very differently in your clinic room…

EPISODE 25 – NewGrad Physio: “Why Patient’s DON’T Do Their Rehab”
If you have ever had a patient go away and NOT complete their rehab, you will know not only how frustrating it is as a therapist.

Maybe you label these patients as ‘lazy’ or think ‘they’re not really that bothered about getting better.’

EPISODE 24 – NewGrad Physio: “Fixing Tricky Hip Pain Patients”
Often quick changes can be made in patient symptoms but often these effects only last for a short period of time.

Patients then don’t progress and as a therapist you may sometimes find yourself trying various treatment techniques and rehab exercises to try get on top of their symptoms…

EPISODE 23 – NewGrad Physio: “RED FLAGS – Refer Or Reassure?”
As a therapist you know doubt ask those important red flag questions during your subjective assessment, but do you really understand WHAT a positive answer is telling you and more importantly, are you clear what to do next?

Some patients need urgent onward referral, but many, just need our help in the form of hands-on treatment and rehab…

EPISODE 22 – NewGrad Physio: “Never Miss An ACL Injury”
Knee injuries are common and your ability to diagnose injuries like an ACL, MCL, LCL or PCL are vitally important,

Failure to do this and you risk putting your patients or athletes at further risk of injury and also, without a definitive diagnosis, it makes it difficult for you to manage their injury in the best possible way, resulting in poor treatment outcomes…

EPISODE 21 – NewGrad Physio: “How To Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever”
So many New Grad Physio’s start the year with big aspirations about what they want to achieve over the next 12 months.

This might be to spend more time on CPD, learn a particular skill-set, gain better working hours and more responsibility, gain that next…

EPISODE 20 – NewGrad Physio: “Shoulder Dislocation To Grand Final Winner In 7 Days”
How was a rugby player with a posteriorly dislocated shoulder, that required a general anaesthetic to relocate and a high severity of damage to his shoulder as a result, able to get back to play in just 7 days?

In episode #20 you will find out how, as I detail what we did at each and every step…

EPISODE 19 – NewGrad Physio: “How To Prevent Hamstring Injuries”
Despite the advances in sports medicine, the vast amount of research conducted and the efforts to prevent hamstring injuries, their prevalence and re-injury rates have remained relatively similar over the last 20 years.

So, what are we missing?

EPISODE 18 – NewGrad Physio: “Why A ‘Simple Lateral Ankle Injury Is Never Simple”
Ankle injuries are highly prevalent, and we see them frequently in our clinics within the NHS, private practice and sport.

When managed well, patients and athletes can return to full activity quickly, having accelerated through their treatment plan…

EPISODE 17 – NewGrad Physio: “Why ‘SCIATICA’ Should NEVER Be Given As A Diagnosis”
I hold my own hands up and admit I gave ‘sciatica’ as a diagnosis commonly as a New Grad Physio.

Problem is, it isn’t even a diagnosis and more importantly than that, giving ‘sciatica’ as a diagnosis may be causing you to focus on the wrong problems, leading to poor treatment effects and ineffective patient outcomes…

EPISODE 16 – NewGrad Physio: “Why Did Nobody Tell Us About The Reality Of Life As A New Grad Physio”
In episode #16 of the New Grad Physio Podcast I will discuss the lack of awareness New Grad’s have about what life as a graduate therapist is REALLY like and why this results in overwhelm, frustration and a lack of progress during those early years after graduating.

We will cover why you need continued support when you graduate if you want to make continued improvements in your clinical practice and your ability to help your patients in a way you feel they deserve…

EPISODE 15 – NewGrad Physio: “Delivering A Great Clinical Message”
The ability to deliver a clear, concise clinical message to your patient is key to ensure your patient fully understands the problems they have, their prognosis and how their proposed treatment plan will progress.

Regardless of how great your patient assessment, hands-on treatment techniques and treatment plan might be, all this great work can be undone if you cannot get your…

EPISODE 14 – NewGrad Physio: “Should We Be Using Manual Therapy?”
Episode #14 of the New Grad Physio Podcast will discuss the controversial topic of manual therapy.

Regardless of your current thoughts regarding manual therapy you need to listen to this podcast episode because you will discover WHY manual therapy gets a bad name…

EPISODE 13 – NewGrad Physio: “Career Progression Faster Than Anyone Thought Possible”
In episode #13 of the New Grad Physio Podcast you will learn why some New Grad’s are able to fly up the career ladder faster than anyone thought possible whereas some therapists get left behind.

In the podcast you will discover…

EPISODE 12 – NewGrad Physio: “How To Lose Your ‘Young’ & ‘Inexperienced’ Therapist Tag”
In episode #12 of the New Grad Physio Podcast you will find out HOW to get patients to give you the RESPECT and RECOGNITION you deserve as a New Grad Physio.

Those early years are tough enough without having to overcome patient resistance to your advice and interventions just because they perceive you as being…

EPISODE 11 – NewGrad Physio: “The Real Reason Patients DON’T Do Their Rehab”
In this episode of the New Grad Physio Podcast you will discover the REAL REASON patients leave your clinic and DON’T do their home exercise programmes.

Most therapists WRONGLY accuse these patients of being ‘lazy’ or ‘not caring’ about their health…

EPISODE 10 – NewGrad Physio: “Why Your Patient Does NOT Need A Diagnosis”
In episode #10 of The New Grad Physio Podcast you will discover exactly WHY Your Patient DOESN’T Need A Diagnosis…

So much WASTED time and attention is given to a patient’s diagnosis, but in doing so, so many New Grad Physio’s are missing the BIG point about what…

EPISODE 9 – NewGrad Physio: “Why You Need To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone”
In this latest episode of The New Grad Physio Podcast you will discover exactly WHY You Need To Step Out Of Your ‘Comfort Zone.’

I will talk through a BIG ‘A-HA’ moment I had as a New Grad Physio that made me realise the skill-sets that I needed improve, which helped me fast-track my learning and development in these specific areas…

EPISODE 8 – NewGrad Physio: “How To Fly Up The Promotion Ladder”
In this episode of The New Grad Physio Podcast you will discover exactly WHAT you need to know to fly up the promotion ladder faster than you ever thought possible!

Maybe you don’t want to follow the ‘traditional’ NHS rotation route and have a clear idea about where you want your career to go…

EPISODE 7 – NewGrad Physio: “Why PAIN Is NEVER The Reason Patient’s Come To See You”
In this episode of The New Grad Physio Podcast you will discover exactly WHAT is the REAL REASON patients come to see you (BIG HINT – It is NOT Pain).

Once you know this Real Reason you can really start to understand how..

EPISODE 6 – NewGrad Physio: “Why The Best Therapists Are Often AVERAGE’”
In this episode of The New Grad Physio Podcast you will discover exactly WHY some of the BEST therapists are actually pretty AVERAGE at certain parts of their clinical practice, but, are still able to get great patient results…
EPISODE 5 – NewGrad Physio: “Why EVERY Therapist Needs A Mentor’”
In this episode of The New Grad Physio Podcast you will discover exactly WHY you need a mentor to help you accelerate your learning and climb the promotion ladder faster than you ever thought possible…
EPISODE 4 – NewGrad Physio: “Why Your NEXT Decision Might Be The Making Or Breaking Of Your Career’”
In this episode of The New Grad Physio Podcast I will show you exactly WHY your next career move could be the MAKING or BREAKING of your therapy CAREER…

EPISODE 3 – NewGrad Physio: “How A Night In A&E Taught Me A Valuable Communication Lesson”

In this episode of The New Grad Physio Podcast I detail how a recent night I spent in A & E can teach us all a valuable lesson about communication, specifically, how poor communication can quickly ruin your patients experience of your care…

EPISODE 2 – NewGrad Physio: “Why Competency Is King”

In this episode of The New Grad Physio Podcast I will show you exactly why a COMPETENCY underpins EVERYTHING you do as a New Grad Physio and why it might be the #1 reason you are NOT getting consistent positive patient results…

EPISODE 1 – NewGrad Physio: “How To Find More Time In Your Busy Week For CPD”

In my very first episode of The New Grad Physio Podcast I will show you exactly WHY you are NOT able to do as much consistent CPD as you need to do and why this is stopping you enjoying a SUCCESSFUL start to your life as a New Grad Physio, Sports Therapists or Sports Rehabilitator…