Wednesday 7th August (5:45pm – 8PM)
ProSport Physiotherapy Huddersfield

On this course you will learn;

Why Your Patient’s Subjective History Will Tell You EVERYTHING You Need To Know & Why Rushing Through This Part Of The Assessment Will Lead To Poor Patient Outcomes
How To Link Your Subjective & Objective Assessments Together So You Only Test What You Need To – Saving You Time, Effort But More Importantly Making Sure You Make The Right Diagnosis
Why You Must Assess Gait With Every Patient You See (Even Upper Limb Patients)
What Global Movement, ROM & Motor Output Testing Are Actually Telling You & Show You How These Tests Tell You What To Do Next
How To Select The Correct Manual Therapy & Rehab Exercises Individual To Every Patient You See
The 6 Rehab Steps You Need To Take EVERY Patient Through To Ensure You Not Only Eliminate Pain But You Can Put Your Patient Back Into Activity Without Fear They Will Break Down Again
How To Properly Explain Your Treatment Plan To Your Patient, So They Understand What You Are Saying & Actually Buy Into Your Treatment Plan
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