Are You Frustrated With The Lack Of Skills University Taught You, Leaving You Feel Overwhelmed And Underprepared To Deal With Real Patients In The Real World?

I’m sure you already know this, but the reality of life as a New Grad Physio is tough.
The time you spent at University, studying and the hours spent on your clinical placements, have not prepared you for what is needed once you enter the REAL WORLD working with REAL PATIENTS that expect REAL results.

Regardless of whether you work in the NHS, Private Practice or Sport, the feeling of being overwhelmed is inevitable.

You feel frustrated, maybe even embarrassed, that you do not have the skills to treat the patient’s in your clinic, you lack the confidence in your skills and even question whether or not you are made out for the job.

This is because University didn’t prepare you with the clinical and non-clinical skills that you need to treat REAL patients in the REAL world under REAL pressure.

Is Your Lack Of Clinical Skills Making You Feel Anxious And Getting In The Way Of You Having A Clear Understanding Of Your Patients Assessments And Your Understanding To Know What Hands-On Treatment Techniques Or Rehab Exercises You Should Give Each Patient?

When you’re at University you are in a very protected environment. You have constant support from your peers, University lecturers and placement supervisors.

During your training and whilst out on clinical placements, making some mistakes with your patients, not being able to make sense of your assessments and not always being able to prescribe the correct hands-on treatments and rehab exercises doesn’t really matter, after all, you’re still learning and not yet qualified.

But as soon as you graduate, when you transition from student to New Grad Physio, Sports Therapist or Sport Rehabilitator, you lose that support network around you. You no longer have someone by your side to ask for help and to give you instant feedback.

You’re in a room, just you and your patient…

You lack confidence and your patient can tell.

You begin your assessment but feel like you’re just winging it, as your lack of clinical skills is stopping you from having a clear understanding of the assessment, so you just give them same random exercises you always do and hope for the best.

I’ve Seen It So Many Times, New Grads Going Into The Real World Starting Their First Job, Messing Up With The Simplest Of Cases And Not Knowing Where To Start Or Even How To Progress Their Patients.

Whether you’re working in the NHS, Private Practice or in Sport, the pressure and expectations you face as a New Grad are the same.

Most New Grads are underequipped to deal with these pressures along with the higher level of expectations that come with being a qualified therapist and that is why most New Grad’s struggle.
They go into their first job and follow the textbook cases that University gave them.

And of course, this doesn’t work with every patient, mistakes start to happen with even the simplest of cases and your confidence starts to take a hit.

Your patient’s pick up on this and that is why some don’t return for their next session. They lose faith in what you are are doing and question whether or not you have the skills to help them.

You’re not only giving your patients a poor experience; you are also stopping yourself gaining the trust and respect you need to get your patients to ‘Buy-In’ to your treatment plans as patient’s will just see you as a ‘Young,’ ‘Inexperienced’ and INCOMPETENT New Grad Physio.

To gain this trust and respect from your patients as a New Grad Physio, you MUST learn HOW to become COMPETENT, CONFIDENT & COMPETITIVE.

I Was Lucky Enough To Have The Right Mentors As A New Grad Who Helped Me Progress To My ‘Dream Job’ As Head Physiotherapist For The Leeds Rhino’s Just 15 Months After Graduating

Starting my first role after University I had the right support and help I needed to accelerate my learning and career as a New Grad Physio.

15 months after graduating I had landed my ‘Dream Job’ as the Head of Physiotherapy & Rehab at the Leeds Rhinos. I had an incredible 10 seasons with the club during which time we won four Super League titles, a League Leader Shield, two Challenge Cups and a World Championship.

As A New Grad Physio, it couldn’t of got any better, but this only happened because I was taught the steps I needed to take to become a Competent, Confident and Competitive therapist, the skills I need to learn to maximise the results I was getting with the patients and athletes I was seeing and this was the reason I was able to stand out from the crowd and Fast-Track my career.

Becoming A Competent New Grad Physio Follows 4 Steps; These Simple Steps Are EXACTLY What I Followed And The Same Steps That I Have Used To Guide So Many Other Therapists Through Their Own New Grad Journey To Become Competent, Confident & Competitive New Grad Physio’s.

When you start out on your own New Grad Physio journey there is so much you don’t know, and this is why you are ‘Unconsciously Incompetent.’

At this stage, you the lack awareness about many of the challenges that you will face when you qualify.

In many ways, you have a rose-tinted view of what you think life as a New Grad Physio will be like, but in reality you don’t really know.

If you have already qualified as a New Grad Physio, Sports Therapist or Sports Rehabilitator you will know how scary it is when you realise how different your experiences were as a student and what it is really like working with REAL patients.

At this stage you now have the awareness of the missing skills-sets and the knowledge gap between University and the REAL world as you ‘Now Know What You Don’t Know’

Surviving life as a New Grad Physio is one thing but being able to THRIVE is another.

You need the right support and help if you really want to progress and stop just feeling like your treading water, going from one patient to another, just hoping you don’t make any BIG MISTAKES with your patient’s.

With the right help and support you can progress and therapists that do will start to operate at a ‘Consciously Competent’ level. They will start to build proficiency in their practice and many basic skills will start becoming more automatic.

This is great but as you progress in your role, more responsibility, more pressure, more expectations from your patients and your senior colleagues will fall at your door.

The final step of your journey as a therapist sees you beginning to operate at an ‘Unconsciously Competent’ level, where-by you are building towards ‘Mastery’, with your clinical skills becoming second nature.

Whilst therapists at this stage are skilled, the most successful therapists still acknowledge that they need additional support to make continued learning and career progress.

To get into a higher position and gain that next promotion you need to know how to make opportunities happen and how to make sure you are ready once these opportunities come up.

Discover How These New Grads Climbed Up The Competency Ladder And Became Competent, Confident, And Competitive New Grad Physios, FASTER Than Any One Thought Possible

“Working in Football I hadn’t been exposed to as much upper limb injury management as I would have liked. When the players do come into the treatment room with upper limb injuries, I’m not confident and don’t feel like I ever know enough to diagnose and treat to a good standard. I’ve been exposed to a lot of lower limb injuries and feel more confident with that end of things, so I have found the New Grad Physio Membership content invaluable in helping me upskill in areas and managing injuries I lack the experience dealing with.

I worked with Andy directly and he helped me transition from working in the NHS and break into a role in private practice, specifically helping me to putting together a new therapy CV specific to a role in private practice, and also gain guidance to avoid wasting my time, effort and money on the wrong CPD.

What I have learned in the New Grad Physio Membership and the one-one mentorship support I have received from Andy has paid further dividends as I have recently progressed again, recently taking up a role, full-time in professional football!“

Dave Fahey – Band 5 NHS & Academy Physiotherapist at Barnsley Football Club

“Once I qualified, I initially found making the time and knowing how to spend my time on CPD very difficult.

I now have the direction in the learning I need though The New Grad Physio Membership. Andy and the other members in the group act to mentor me and have helped me progress my learning and develop the skills I need to manage the players I work with in a better way.

I also no longer feel like I get stuck, as if I have a tricky case to deal with, I can ask questions and get support from the New Grad Physio Membership Group to help me out.

The ‘Masterclass’ webinars are a great addition to the core content material and all the content is short and concise, so is easily digestible and easy to learn from, even around a hectic schedule working in sport!.

The weekly case studies put into the Membership Group are also very helpful, particularly the atypical ones, as I get exposure to injuries that I may not have seen before.
The New Grad Physio Membership has helped me to be a more confident therapist and the content has helped me accelerate my learning so I can provide a better level of care to the players I work with!”

Sam Milner – Physiotherapist Coventry City Football Club
“I’m really enjoying the New Grad Physio Membership content so far. I’ve learned a lot and it has really helped me find a huge weakness of mine, which was my subjective assessment!

I was rushing into the objective assessment far too fast without actually getting a lot from the history apart from ruling out red flags and found myself just focusing on the site of pain and mechanism of injury.

I can now fully understand the importance of the patient story and a patient’s previous injuries, as it guides what I am looking out for in the objective assessment, and tells me what to do next with my treatments and rehab plans.

If you know the story you can explain the problem and relate a patient’s current problems back to previous injuries and how they could be contributing to overloading other tissues and be the cause of symptoms. I can now explain this thought process to my patients and then progress to explaining the solution and the step by step treatment plan I need to take the patient through.

It’s so obvious when its explained like you have in the New Grad Physio Membership, that’s it’s kind of annoying that I never thought of doing it like this in the first place and it that it wasn’t taught this way in University!

Thanks for opening my eyes to what my weaknesses are and helping me improve my ability to help the patients I am working with.

Looking forward to learning more…“

Fergal Tiernan – Self-Employed Private Practice Physiotherapist
“I joined the New Grad Physio Membership as I quickly realised upon finishing University there was so much more I needed to know. I knew I didn’t have the knowledge base or know how to apply the knowledge I had, and knew I needed guidance to help my learning progress and direct my career.

I have really enjoyed the New Grad Physio content and the interaction between members, particularly in the New Grad Physio Fast-Track Group. I have also found great benefit in the different bonus modules that complement the core content and they have been a great way to pool knowledge from a variety of different areas and improve both my clinical and non-clinical skills.

My main challenges working in private practice as a New Grad involved managing my caseload, being time efficient and effective with my hands-on treatments, progressing patients through a graded rehab plan and delivering a level of service to my patients that I think they deserved. The New Grad Physio Membership has helped me with all these challenges and I now feel competent and confident to deal with life as a New Grad and the challenges that present in my daily practice. “

Rhys Burton – Sports Therapist Hull City Football Club & Private Practice

How Many More Textbooks Will Read And Courses Are You Going To Go On Before You Finally Start To Understand Your Patients Assessment’s, Be Able To Deliver A Clear And Confident Clinical Message To Your Patient’s And Know How To Take A Patient Through A Full Treatment Plan So You Can Start Getting The Patient Results You Really Want?

Stagnating with the lack of knowledge and skill-sets University left you with is the worst thing you could do as a New Grad Physio.

Whether you’re wanting to/are currently working in Sport, the NHS, or Private Practice you MUST have a complete understanding of your patient assessments, be confident enough to take your patient through a full treatment plan and clearly communicate why you’re doing this.

This is CRITICAL if you want to see career progress and gain the recognition and respect you deserve as a qualified therapist from both your patients and senior colleagues.

Not only will this push you in front of your peers, but this will help you fly up the promotion ladder faster than you ever thought possible.

Gain the clinical and non-clinical skill-sets that none of your peers will have and stand out from the crowd as a Competent, Competitive, Confident New Grad Physio.

Enhance Your Career Skill-Sets And Gain A Clear Understanding Of How To Stand Out From The Crowd, Get Ahead Of Your Peers & Fly Up The Promotion Ladder Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

The New Grad Physio Membership is designed to guide you through a smooth transition from University into the Real World and give you the support you need to overcome the challenges you face during those early years as a New Grad Physio regardless of whether you’re wanting to/are working in the NHS, Private Practice or in Sport.

I help New Grads go from being inexperienced and incompetent to proficient, confident competent and competitive therapists in 4 simple stages.

BECOME a New Grad that is COMPETENT, so you have the clinical skill-sets needed to understand your patient assessments, provide hands-on treatments and prescribe rehab exercises that take away patient’s pain and get them back to full function.

BECOME a New Grad that is CONFIDENT, so you can easily build rapport, gain the respect and recognition from your patients and senior staff and can communicate your clinical message well, so patients believe what you are saying and adhere to your treatment plan.

BECOME a New Grad that is COMPETITIVE, so you can stand out from the crowd, get ahead of your peers to get your ideal job and fly up the promotion ladder faster than anyone thought possible.

The best and most SUCCESSFUL New Grad Physio’s are the ones that TAKE ACTION, not the therapists that wait for things to happen.

To reward therapists that value their learning and want to invest in their own development I am offering these FREE Sign Up BONUSES, just for signing up to the New Grad Physio Membership.

  • Getting Your Foot In The Door Of A Professional Sports Club (Webinar) *WORTH £197*
  • 5 Simple Steps To Excel In Private Practice & The NHS (PDF) *WORTH £97*
  • How To Get Your Patients To Buy In: The Patient Adherence Blueprint (PDF) *WORTH £97*
  • The New Grad Physio System In Action – Quad Tendon Rupture Case Study “From Pain To Performance – Taking A Patient/Athlete Through A Full Treatment Plan” (Webinar) *WORTH £297*
  • One-One ‘New Grad Accelerator Coaching Call’ *WORTH £97*

Here Are A Few Frequently Asked Questions That Other New Grads Ask About The New Grad Physio Membership

Who Is The New Grad Physio?
The New Grad Physio is Andy Barker, consultant physiotherapist and private practice owner. Andy is currently providing consultancy to the Football Association both domestically and Internationally. Andy also consults within a variety of other professional sports alongside lecturing on a variety of BSc and MSc therapy courses around the country.
What Does The New Grad Physio Aim To Do?

The New Grad Physio Membership aims to quicken the transition between University and the real world and give you the knowledge and skill-sets needed to become a competent, confident and competitive New Grad Physio. The programme is solely designed for New Grad Physio’s just like you, teaching you the missing modules University didn’t teach you and teaching you what you Need To Know to be successful. The New Grad Physio shows you NOT what the textbooks and journals tell you works but shows you what works in the real world.

The New Grad Physio Membership teaches New Grad Physio’s the 3 C’s, enabling them to become Competent, Confident and Competitive New Grad Physios.

A New Grad Physio that is Competent, has the clinical skill-sets needed to understand their patient assessments, provide hands-on treatment and prescribe rehab exercises that take away patient’s pain and get them back to full function.

A New Grad Physio that is Confident can easily build patient rapport, gain respect and recognition from their patients and senior staff and can communicate their clinical messages well so patients believe what they are saying and adhere to their treatment plans.

A New Grad Physio that is Competitive can stand out from the crowd, get ahead of their peers to get the jobs they want and fly up the promotion ladder faster than anyone thought possible.

Is The New Grad Physio For Me?
We have New Grad Physiotherapists, Sports Therapists and Sports Rehabilitators inside the New Grad Physio Membership.

The New Grad Physio Membership is taught in a way that skills are transferable and can be applied to any setting, regardless of whether you work in the NHS, private practice and sport.

The programme will include some content that will be more appropriate to the higher level and athletic populations who need exposure to higher loads but the progressions to this point are the same.

Do I Need To Be Qualified To Be Part Of The New Grad Physio Membership?
No, you don’t. We understand that many therapists want to get ahead of the game and therefore we welcome both qualified and student therapists. The content is delivered in a way that will simplify many complex themes and as such is appropriate for both student and qualified therapists.
The Content Sounds Complicated, Is It Difficult To Apply?
Whilst the challenges as a New Grad Physio are challenging, the content is not. The New Grad Physio system teaches you a logical common-sense approach, giving you the structure, you need to apply the evidence base and get the positive patients results you want.

The content is easy to follow and the monthly ‘Cheat Sheets’ I provide summarise the main teaching points and provide a quick reference guide to refer back to whenever you need them, taking the stress out of your day to day practice.

How Much Time Do I Need To Commit Each Week?
I appreciate that every person learns at their own pace. I also appreciate that life can also get in the way of you trying to spend time on your own learning. I know that trying to commit several hours a week to CPD is unrealistic and is a major barrier most New Grad Physio’s attribute to their learning stagnating. I know how frustrating it is spending hours and hours watching learning content only to pick up one or two things that you can apply.
For that very reason, I have designed the membership to deliver weekly content that will take you less than 15 minutes to consume. If you can commit to just 15 minutes per week, the New Grad Physio Membership will provide you with concise and quality content that you can apply straight away with your patients and athletes.

Just to keep you on track I send out a weekly email reminder that lets you know the new weekly content has just been uploaded to the learning portal.

Additional to the weekly content, you will unlock bonus modules as you complete each month’s content. These bonus modules are constantly being updated and as such, each individual module will vary in length.

What Happens When I Signed Up?
Upon signing up you will receive an email immediately with your login details welcoming you to the New Grad Physio Membership. In this email you will also receive a link to join the Private ‘Members Only New Grad Physio Facebook Group’ (more about this later). Once inside the New Grad Physio Membership learning portal you can get working through the content straight away.
Is All Content Delivered Via Webinars?
Unlike many online courses, content in the New Grad Physio Membership is delivered via various media methods. The New Grad Physio team have found that members find the best online learning experience contains a mixture of webinar presentations, practical tutorial videos, Facebook Lives, exercise demonstrations and individual online coaching calls. The Members Only New Grad Physio Facebook Group also adds another level of interaction where you can ask questions 24/7 to clarify the programme content or ask any specific questions about your own learning. At the completion of each month’s content you will receive a ‘Cheat Sheet’ which will summarise the main content points of the previous months teaching.
What Are Coaching Calls?
Coaching calls are one to one video calls with one of the New Grad Physio team where you can ask specific questions about the specific challenges you are struggling with. You can use these sessions to consolidate the membership content or ask specific questions about a tricky patient you are struggling with. They are designed to provide individual support to you and to complement the New Grad Physio Membership content and the support given within the Members Only New Grad Physio Facebook Group.
What Happens When Membership Content Is Updated In The Future?
Medicine continues to evolve, and the evidence base you use to guide your practice is constantly changing. Andy is constantly updating content to match the changing needs of you as a New Grad Physio, striving to deliver easier ways for you to apply your skills and become that competent, confident and competitive New Grad Physio. Whilst a member you will have instant and full access to any updates made to the content, including any additional bonuses added to the membership.
Do I Have To Attend In Person To Be Part Of This Members Group?
Not at all. All content is delivered online via a mixture of webinar presentations, practical tutorial videos, Facebook lives, exercise demonstrations and online coaching calls. All video footage is filmed in a videography studio, providing you with top quality content, ensuring we deliver an exceptional learning experience to you as a New Grad Physio member and allowing you to access the content at times that work around your own working and social schedule.
Do I Have To Sign Up For a Certain Period Or Can I Cancel At Any Time?
You are not tied into a lengthy membership and you can cancel at any time. There is a quick form in your members account page and that will let us know you want to cancel your subscription. This will take effect immediately and no further payment will be taken.
Why Does Enrolment Only Open At Certain Points In The Year?
So we can provide the best learning experience for members within the New Grad Physio Membership Andy only opens enrolment at certain times a year. This is so Andy and the New Grad Physio team can give you our full attention and the high level of support you need to consume the New Grad Physio Membership content. In addition, if members start and work through the content at specific time points it helps us to answer common questions and provide any additional specific content that might be needed during key stages of the programme.
Will I Be Able To Use This Learning Towards My CPD?
Yes. At the completion of each stage of competency of the New Grad Physio Competency Ladder, you will receive a CPD certificate showing your proof of attendance. You can use these certificates to put towards your CPD training.
Why Is This Program Different To Others?
The New Grad Physio Membership is different to a weekend course or other online training as it’s not just about improving your subjective, objective, hands-on treatment skills and rehab planning. It is about understanding WHY you are asking certain subjective questions and understanding WHAT you are trying to achieve with your hands-on treatments and rehab planning. It gives you the skill-sets needed to learn how to build patient rapport and buy into your treatment plans and gain the trust and respect you deserve from both your patients, peers and senior colleagues. The content helps you set career goals and give you the direction and the skills needed to get your next promotion and work towards your own dream job.

It gives you an accessible and continued support network that doesn’t finish once the course ends an evening or weekend course does. This allows the opportunity to ask questions and guide the content to deliver additional material that is relevant to the challenges you are facing right at that time.

The New Grad Physio Membership is a purpose-built learning platform specifically for New Grad Physios with the sole goal in helping you gain the competence and confidence in your practice you need to become a competitive and successful New Grad Physio. time, no questions asked.