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Build The Confidence In Your Own Ability To Stop You Feeling Overwhelmed And Get Great Patient Results Even As A Young & Inexperienced Therapist

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Build The Confidence In Your Own Ability To Stop You Feeling Overwhelmed And Get Great Patient Results Even As A Young & Inexperienced Therapist

“Andy and the other members in the group act to mentor me and have helped me progress my learning and the skills I need to help me become a more confident therapist so now I feel I can provide a better level of care to the patients and players I work with!”

I no longer feel like I get stuck, as if I have a tricky case to deal with, I can ask questions and get support from the Membership group to help me out.’’

Samantha Milner – Coventry City Football Club

Take Away That Feeling Of Being Underprepared & Start Enjoying Your Job By Learning The Skills University Did Not Teach You

“It’s so obvious when its explained like you have in the New Grad Physio Membership, that it is kind of annoying that I never thought of doing it like this in the first place and it that it wasn’t taught this way in University!

Thanks for opening my eyes to what my weaknesses were and helping me improve my ability to help the patients I am working with.”

Fergal Tiernan – Self-Employed Therapist Working In Private Practice
See If I Am Suitable For The Membership

Learn How To Ask The Right Subjective Questions & Conduct An Objective Assessment That Helps You Find The Right Diagnosis, So You Can Stop Worrying You Are Treating The Wrong Thing & Learn How To Pick The Right Techniques & Rehab Exercises For Each & Every Patient

The reality of life as a New Grad is tough!

Despite all the time you spend at University, studying and on placements, you will feel unprepared for what is needed once you enter the REAL WORLD working with REAL PATIENTS that expect REAL results.

Whether you choose to work in the NHS, private practice or professional sport, the feelings of overwhelm are inevitable and you will doubt yourself…

‘Did I ask the right questions?’

‘Did I miss something sinister?’

‘What special tests should I use?’

‘Did I give the right diagnosis?’

‘Am I treating the right thing?’

‘My patient was sore after treatment, did I make their injury worse?’

’Did I give her the right rehab exercises?’

‘Was he ready to go back running or not?’

You feel frustrated, maybe even embarrassed, that you do not have the skills to treat the patient’s or athletes you see, you lack the confidence in your skills and even question whether or not you are made out for the job.

I felt exactly the same as a New Grad.

Whilst I went straight to work full-time in professional sport at my dream club, my mind was full of doubts.

These thoughts would keep me awake at night as I would be worried about how the players I had seen today would turn up tomorrow.

I would ask myself questions like…
‘What if he asks me how long he is going to be out for?’

’What if the head coach asked me if he was going to be fit for the weekend?’

‘What if the senior physio asked me to review a player and it was an injury that I hadn’t seen before?’

‘What if the head physio was off sick and I had to see the top level players, would they be ok with seeing me?’

I also worked in part-time in private practice as soon as qualified…

And these doubts followed me there too.

Here I felt an overwhelming pressure to help the patients I was seeing and felt I was not giving a service that was worth the £50 they were paying me for the session.

I felt like an imposter.

When I look back now the biggest problems I had were…
  • Feeling on edge and not knowing how to start and hold a conversation with my patients, making me sound nervous and inexperienced
  • Feeling rushed with my subjective assessment and not understanding the reason for the questions I was asking…meaning I often missed important bits of information and often worried if I had missed something sinister
  • Racing through my objective assessments, hoping my special tests would help me find the right diagnosis, even though I already knew most of these tests where not that great as they lacked specificity and sensitivity
  • Feeling unsure if I had diagnosed the right injury and in turn not knowing if I was actually treating the right thing
  • Having no structure to my rehab plans and feeling like I was winging it from session to session, prescribing random exercise without any logic, if my patient was not improving
  • Spending nearly all my time using hands-on treatment techniques and then rushing, trying to squeeze in some rehab exercises before the end of the session
  • Jumping from exercise to exercise, copying what others were doing on social media rather than actually take time to think and clinically reason what I was doing
  • Getting stuck when patients and players asked me how long it would take to get them back to full fitness, as I honestly had no idea how to give a prognosis, as this was something not covered at University
  • Not having any sort of authority with my patients and feeling like patients didn’t believe what I was telling them and had no trust in me to get them better
  • And The Worst Thing…Patients cancelling sessions or saying things like ‘I’ll see it how it goes and get back in touch…’ I used to think I had actually fixed some of these patients in just a few sessions; now I know they were just being polite and had lost faith in me and didn’t think I could help them
This last problem hurt my confidence the most, as all I ever wanted to do as a therapist was help people.

That’s why I wanted to become a physio in the first place and why I applied three times to get on a therapy degree having been knocked back at the first two attempts.

The fact that I was failing to help people in the way I wanted, was a tough pill to swallow.
But it made me hungry to want to learn more and I want to find out how I could help my patients and the players I was working with in a much better way.

In the 10+ years since I graduated I have yet to meet another New Grad Physio, Sports Therapist or Sports Rehabilatator that has not struggled like this in those early years after finishing Uni.

And it is not surprising.

As a New Grad you feel like this is because University did not prepare you with the actual skills you need to treat REAL patients in the REAL world, under REAL pressure.

Do You Doubt Your Skills, Making You Feel Anxious And Is This Getting In The Way Of You Having A Clear Understanding Of Your Patient’s Assessments & Being Able To Make A Confident Diagnosis?

When you are at University you are in a very protected environment. You have the constant support from your peers, lecturers and placement supervisors.

During your studies and whilst out on clinical placements, making some mistakes with your patient’s, making an incorrect diagnosis or prognosis and not always being able to prescribe the correct hands-on treatments and rehab exercises doesn’t really matter…

After all, you’re still learning and not yet qualified.

But as soon as you graduate and you lose that student tag, things change…

When you transition from student to a New Grad Physio, Sports Therapist or Sport Rehabilitator, you lose that support network around you.

You no longer have someone by your side to ask for help and to give you instant feedback.

You no longer have the excuse that you are still a student…

You are in a room, just you and your patient.

You lack confidence and your patient can tell.

You begin your assessment but feel like you’re just winging it, as your lack of clinical skills is stopping you from having a clear understanding of your subjective and objective assessment, so you just give them some random exercises you have used before and hope for the best.

Can You Reason Why You Use Certain Hands-On Treatment Methods Or Rehab Exercises Or Are You Just Using The Same Techniques Over And Over, Crossing Your Fingers Hoping That They Will Work?

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I’ve Seen It So Many Times, New Grads Starting Their First Job, Messing Up With The Simplest Of Cases And Not Knowing Where To Start Or How To Progress Their Patient’s Rehab

Whether you are working (or hoping to work when you qualify) in the NHS, private practice or in professional sport, the pressure and expectations you face as a New Grad are the same.

Patients in the NHS have waited weeks and weeks for an appointment…

Patients in private practice are paying you £50, £60 or even £70 of their hard earned cash…

Athletes in professional sport want to be back playing this weekend.

And it is your responsibility to help them.

These higher level expectations and the fact you feel under-equipped to deal with these pressures is why you struggle.

You go into your first job and follow the textbook cases that University taught you.

And of course, you start to realise these textbook cases rarely exist, and that those treatment techniques or rehab exercises you were told to use don’t work with every patient, so mistakes start to happen with even the simplest of cases and your confidence starts to take a hit.

Your patient’s pick up on this and that is why some don’t return for their next session.

They have lost faith in you and see no point in coming back.

You wrongly assume that you just need more ‘experience’ or ‘to see more patients’ to start getting better.

Other therapists might tell you it is normal to make mistakes, or that you don’t know everything or even that’s it’s all part of your learning as a New Grad.

You read journal articles, blogs and listen to podcasts…

You watch rehab videos on Instagram and watch free webinars online…

But that doesn’t help…

You try to implement these new skills and knowledge but you still struggle with your patients.

And worse…

Despite your best efforts you feel like the precious time you do allocate to your own CPD is a waste of time as you still have those horrible feelings of worry and overwhelm and feel that you can not help your patients in the way you want, no matter how hard you try.

You know how important CPD is and the need to keep on top of the evidence base and learn new tests, treatment techniques and rehab so you can get better at what you do…

And help more patients.

But the problem is actually applying this knowledge.

You can read as many blogs or articles as you want…

And attend as many online or in-person courses or webinars as you like and acquire new knowledge and skills…

But if you can not apply this in to your day to day practice, it is a complete waste of time…

A complete waste of your effort…

And a complete waste of your hard earned cash.

I did exactly this as a New Grad…

Spending half my wage on CPD courses and subscriptions to online learning, webinars and programmes…

Completing these courses and feeling excited to use these new skills and new knowledge.


I would try use these new skills and they wouldn’t work.

Sometimes I’d even contact the therapist that ran the course or presented the webinar to ask some questions.

They’d sometimes reply (often they wouldn’t) but even if they did they wouldn’t really help…

As they would just regurgitate what they had already presented on the course.

I’d try to apply these new skills again with my patients and athletes…

But I’d just become frustrated when they did not work like I was told they would on the course…

And just revert back to what I was doing prior to the course in just a few weeks.

I estimate that I wasted around £20,000, just in the first 5 years after I graduated, on courses that 95% of what I learnt, I never ever use.

That is a lot of money wasted.

And is not including travel and accommodation costs.

Plus all that time and effort.


You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know…

Starting out on your own New Grad journey there is so much you don’t know, and this is why you are ‘unconsciously incompetent.’
You the lack awareness about the challenges that you will face in the coming months and years when you qualify.

In many ways, you have a rose-tinted view of what you think life as a New Grad will be like, but in reality you have no idea.

It is only when you qualify you really start to realise the enormity of your responsibility to help your patients, the high level of expectations and that there is so much that University did not teach you.

Wouldn’t it be great to be shown these pitfalls and how to avoid these problems before they even happen, so you can accelerate your learning and at the same time, accelerate your career progression?

See If I Am Suitable For The Membership

I Was Lucky Enough To Have The Right Mentors As A New Grad Who Helped Me Progress To My ‘Dream Job’ As Head Physiotherapist For The Leeds Rhino’s Just 15 Months After Graduating

Starting my first role after University I had the right support and help I needed to accelerate my learning and my career.

I accessed this support whilst I was still studying and this meant that I was able to get ahead of my peers and was offered a full-time job working in professional rugby (and some part time private practice work) half way through my third and final year at University.

I flew threw my final year at University and was combining my studies, shadowing top level sport and private practice physio’s, who were showing exactly the skills and knowledge I needed to know…

And all those things University hadn’t taught me.

And this showed.

I aced all my exams and got over 85% on my last two placements, the last an MSK outpatients placements where I scored 95% and was actually offered a static Band 5 MSK job.

Let me put you straight…

I am not naturally a gifted learner.

I have to read things over and over again for the information to make sense.

I have to try different treatment techniques or rehab exercises repeatedly before I become competent at using them…

And many more times to master them!

The reason I excelled in my final years and in those first few years after graduating was I got the right help and support.

After just 15 months after finishing University I had been promoted and I had landed my ‘dream’ job as the Head of Physiotherapy & Rehab at the Leeds Rhinos.

I had doubled my wage, which gave me the cash to buy my first car, first house and be able to go on nice holidays.

But more important than that…

I had achieved my dream job.

Becoming the Head Physio at the Leeds Rhinos I had dreamt of doing from the day I started my therapy degree.

One of my first memories as a kid is going to watch Leeds play with my Dad.

I grew up supporting and traveling around the country watching them play, home and away, to finals at Old Trafford and Wembley…

Unknown at the time that I would one day be at those very same places as part of the team, winning trophies and celebrating afterwards.

When I was studying at University I told others on my course about my dream and what I wanted to do.

Most just laughed…

One lecturer actually told me becoming the head physio at the Leeds Rhinos would be almost impossible, and that I would need at least 10 years of experience before even thinking of applying for a role like that.

But just over one year out of University I had already achieved this.

I had an incredible 10 seasons with the club during which time we won four Super League titles, a League Leaders Shield, two Challenge Cups and a World Club Championship.

This job took me to Florida (twice), Spain, France, Portugal, Greece and even to Australia for preseason camps and to play games.

As a New Grad, it couldn’t of got any better, but this only happened because I was taught the skills I needed to learn to maximise the results

I was getting great patient results with athletes I was seeing and this was the reason I was able to stand out from the crowd and fast-track my career.

I still had those feeling of worry, overwhelm and doubted myself that I was up to the task…

But I had someone by my side to answer my questions, help me avoid the very pitfalls and problems they had as a New Grad and show me exactly what I needed to get better at…

And the fastest way to do it!

I learnt more in the first 3 months of qualifying than I had in the 3 years studying at University and the 1000+ hours I had completed on my placements!

I learnt how to apply the knowledge I had learnt over those 3 years at Uni in a much simpler and effective way, plus I learnt new assessment, treatment and rehab skills that were not covered on my degree, but actually got results.

Which ever way you look at it, how you are judged as a therapist relates to how good your patient results are.

Can you identify a clear diagnosis and explain this well to your patient?

Can you then take away your patients pain and prescribe the right treatments and rehab exercises to start their recovery?

Do you know how to progress a patients rehab and get them back to full fitness, without having the fear that their symptoms will quickly return as soon as they go back running or get back in the gym?

If you can learn how to get great patient results then you will quickly find yourself with a better job, with more responsibilities and earning more money…

And feel confident going to work, enjoy working with patients that are improving and get that great sense of satisfaction that you are really making a difference…

Even as a young and inexperienced therapist.

Discover How To Accelerate Your Learning And Become A Competent & Confident Therapist & Get A Job Well Above Your Level Of ‘Experience’ Much FASTER Than Any One Thought Possible

This is how the New Grad Physio Membership can help you.

When you have the right skills and the confidence in your ability you will feel…

  • Comfortable talking to patients and be able to clearly explain a diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan, even with tricky cases
  • No longer feel rushed with your patient assessments, and feel like your subjective and objective fit together and flow from one into the other, allowing you to feel confident you have not missed any important bits of patient information or something sinister
  • Be able select the right special tests for the injury in front of you helping you to get the right diagnosis, so you no longer feel unsure if you are treating the wrong thing
  • Feel confident with your rehab planing and be able to progress (and regress if needed) any patient with any injury through a full rehab plan, even for injuries you have little experience with
  • Understand how to manage your caseload and how to structure your sessions so you do not find yourself rushing, trying to squeeze in your patient’s rehab exercises in the last 5 minutes
  • Improve your clinical reasoning skills so you stop jumping from exercise to exercise, stop copying what others are doing on social media and be able to justify and clinically reason the treatment techniques and rehab exercises you are using with your patients
  • Be able to build rapport and buy in with your patients, so patients stop seeing you as just another young and inexperienced therapist and start believing what you tell them and actually do their home rehab exercises
Just like these therapists have been able to do…
“Working in Football I hadn’t been exposed to as much upper limb injury management as I would have liked. When the players do come into the treatment room with upper limb injuries, I’m not confident and don’t feel like I ever know enough to diagnose and treat to a good standard. I’ve been exposed to a lot of lower limb injuries and feel more confident with that end of things, so I have found the New Grad Physio Membership content invaluable in helping me upskill in areas and managing injuries I lack the experience dealing with.

I worked with Andy directly and he helped me transition from working in the NHS and break into a role in private practice, specifically helping me to putting together a new therapy CV specific to a role in private practice, and also gain guidance to avoid wasting my time, effort and money on the wrong CPD.

What I have learned in the New Grad Physio Membership and the one-one mentorship support I have received from Andy has paid further dividends as I have recently progressed again, recently taking up a role, full-time at a Premier League professional football club!“

Dave Fahey

Full Time Therapist At Leeds United Football Club

“I joined the New Grad Physio Membership as I quickly realised upon finishing University there was so much more I needed to know. I knew I didn’t have the knowledge base or know how to apply the knowledge I had, and knew I needed guidance to help my learning progress and direct my career. 

I have really enjoyed the New Grad Physio content and the interaction between members, particularly in the New Grad Physio Fast-Track Group. 

I have also found great benefit in the different bonus modules that complement the core content and they have been a great way to pool knowledge from a variety of different areas and improve both my clinical and non-clinical skills. 

My main challenges working in private practice as a New Grad involved managing my caseload, being time efficient and effective with my hands-on treatments, progressing patients through a graded rehab plan and delivering a level of service to my patients that I think they deserved. 

The New Grad Physio Membership has helped me with all these challenges and I now feel competent and confident to deal with life as a New Grad and the challenges that present in my daily practice.“

Rhys Burton

Sports Therapist Hull City Football Club & Private Practice

”The ‘Masterclass’ webinars are a great addition to the core content material and all the content is short and concise, so is easily digestible and easy to learn from, even around a hectic schedule working in sport!

The weekly case studies put into the New Grad Physio Fast-Track Group are also very helpful, particularly the atypical ones, as I get exposure to injuries that I may not have seen before.

The New Grad Physio Membership has helped me to be a more confident therapist and the content has helped me accelerate my learning so I can provide a better level of care to the players I work with!

Sam Milner – Physiotherapist

”I’m am really enjoying the New Grad Physio Membership content so far. I’ve learned a lot and it has really helped me find a huge weakness of mine, which was my subjective assessment!

I was rushing into the objective assessment far too fast without actually getting a lot from the history apart from ruling out red flags and found myself just focusing on the site of pain and mechanism of injury.

I can now fully understand the importance of the patient story and a patient’s previous injuries, as it guides what I am looking out for in the objective assessment, and tells me what to do next with my treatments and rehab plans.

If you know the story you can explain the problem and relate a patient’s current problems back to previous injuries and how they could be contributing to overloading other tissues and be the cause of symptoms. I can now explain this thought process to my patients and then progress to explaining the solution and the step by step treatment plan I need to take the patient through.”

Fergal Tiernan – Self Employed Physio

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How Many More Webinars Will You Watch Or Articles Will You Read Before You Finally Start To Understand Your Patient Assessments, Be Able To Deliver A Clear And Confident Diagnosis And Know How To Take A Patient Through A Full Treatment Plan?

Quickly learn how to get great patient results even as a young and inexperienced therapist using assessments and techniques that have been tried and tested at all these places…
There is no room for error in elite sport.

You get it wrong and you can find yourself out of job very quickly.

You need to be able to understand what you are doing and how you are going to help your player get from the bed and back on the field.

This approach is no different in private practice or the NHS.

What you do as a therapist in all these environments is the same.

You have to identify your patients problem (their diagnosis)…

Then fix it.

You have to fix it quickly, as this is what patients want, as most don’t have an endless supply of money or time to come to sessions, week after week, after week.

They all just want to get back to the hobbies, sports and interests they enjoy.

This is the reason why they came to see you in the first place.

And when you can do this it’s a great feeling!

The New Grad Physio has helped therapists from all around the World including in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, China, Croatia, Slovakia and many more.
Physio’s, Sports Therapists and Sports Rehabilatator’s wanting to get better at what they do and get that sense of accomplishment and pride that comes with getting great patient results.

The 4 Simple Steps That Will Turn You From An Incompetent New Grad To A Competent & Confident Therapist Ready To Tackle Any Patient That Walks Through Your Clinic Door

  • Step 1 – Make Sense Of Your Assessments
Learn how to ask better questions in the subjective assessment that will give you the information you need and how to conduct a simple and structured objective assessment specific to the patient in front of you to stop you worrying you have missed something important.
  • Step 2 – Make The Right Diagnosis
Know what special tests to use to form a clear and confident diagnosis and how to explain these findings to your patient in a way they understand, so they trust you and buy in to what you are saying.
  • Step 3 – Design A Logical Treatment Plan
Learn how to design a logical and progressive treatment plan for any patient with any injury. You will learn specific hands-on treatment techniques and rehab exercises that you can use to progress (and regress if needed) patients and be confident they are ready to take the next step, taking that worry away that your patient’s symptoms might return or worse re-injure, when they go back to higher level activities like running or sport.
  • Step 4 – Build Your Confidence To Fast-Track Your Results & Your Career
Real confidence as a therapist comes from getting great patient results. Getting great patient results makes you feel proud and takes away those feelings of inadequacy and the frustration of not being able to help your patients, no matter how hard you try. Not only that, if you can get great results with your patients, you will get the respect and recognition you deserve as a qualified therapist from senior colleagues and this is how to open doors to further career progression and a role with more responsibilities, better working hours and better pay.
Take a look at how other therapists just like you have taken action and how it has helped them…
  • Make Sense Of Your Patient Assessments & Know Where To Start With Your Treatment Plan

”I love how the assessment structure is logical and structured so you can link your assessment findings easily and then design a simplified rehab programme working on each rehab step from start to finish.”

Amy Voakes

  • Maximise Your Clinical Knowledge Skills & Learn How To Apply These In The Real World

“Motor output testing is something that I have not previously seen used in clinical practice. I also have to admit that I haven’t thought of working within planes before and found this really interesting.”

Henry Lee-Clarke

  • Open Doors To Your Next Career Opportunity

“For graduate sports therapists like myself it’s really helpful as I think once we’re out of University we are unsure where to go next and how to find jobs as a lot of roles have specific requirements, so the content and support was great for knowing how to approach potential employers and secure that next role.”

Sophie Rushworth

“I particularly enjoyed and found the CV and letter of application templates very informative and helpful and I used your tips to secure a NHS job as a Physio assistant on a neuro rehab ward.”

Paris-Rose Brixey

  • Fast-Track Your Learning & Your Career

“Having worked with Andy for a number of seasons now I can honestly consider him to be one of the best physios in the business.

Not only has he got exceptional knowledge of the human body he has a great understanding of where it all fits in the bigger picture.

He has a genuine interest and passion of gym and field based performance which makes him great to work with.

I would highly recommend anyone who wants to gain valuable insight and learn what it takes to become a top therapist to get in touch!”

Chris Black (Head Strength & Conditioning Coach – Leeds Rhinos)

”I was lucky enough to work under Andy at the Leeds Rhinos in my first full time job in professional sport. During this time I saw first-hand the experience, knowledge and drive which Andy possesses and uses on a daily basis to ensure that he gets the best results.

Andy has a proven track record of rehabilitating complex injuries. He has proven that he can safely return his athletes to play far quicker than standard time frames but more importantly, they are able to not only meet the demands of the sport, but exceed them.

Andy understands that the role of the therapist is different within the NHS, private practice and sporting environments. I know that his New Grad Physio membership will not only be invaluable in helping you understand the demands of a therapist working in these areas but will also give you a sound understanding of the core principles needed to get the best results for your patients from the outset of your career.”

Keith Thornhill (Senior Therapist Munster Rugby)

See If I Am Suitable For The Membership

Here is everything you will get as a member of the New Grad Physio…

1) New Grad Physio Core Content
This section includes assessment, hands-on treatment techniques and rehabilitation content for the ankle and foot, knee, hip, lower back, neck and shoulder.

Specific modules are included on the subjective and objective assessments, including special tests, giving you the skills to make the tight diagnosis and a rehab module, where you will discover how to design and take a patient through a full rehab plan, step by step, from start to finish, regardless of their injury.

All the content is designed to be short and sharp with videos, webinars and PDF’s that get straight to the point… so you can quickly take in the content and implement it straight away in to your own day to day practice. 

This content is applicable whether you work in the NHS, private practice or sport and cover everything you need to successfully assess and treat any upper, lower limb or spinal injury problem.

All these resources are accessible via a secure members-only portal 24/7, so you take in the content at a time that suits you and can quickly refer to any of the resources quickly and at anytime, like when you have a tricky case to deal with in clinic or you want to double check on a particular hands-on technique or rehab exercise.

New content is added every week and you will get an email notification and link to the new material as soon as it is released.

2) Module Cheat Sheets
Cheat sheets are available, which summarise the key points, for each module.

Many therapists like to print these out and have them by their side in clinic, so even if you don’t always have time to watch a video tutorial, you’ll always have these cheat sheets to refer to you helping you to make the right decision with your patients.

3) 1-1 & Group Coaching Calls
You get access to both group and 1-1 support to help you master the content delivered in the membership.

This will ensure you can actually apply what you learn and at any point you get stuck, we can jump on a phone or video call and help you out.

This is where the New Grad Physio differs from your usual CPD providers, when you consume the content, struggle to apply it, then just go back to doing what you were doing prior to the course.

This is a complete waste of your time, effort and money.

In the New Grad Physio Membership you will get all the mentorship and support you need to apply the content and get great patient results.

Do not worry if you can not attend any of the scheduled group calls, as these are always recorded and made available for you to watch at a more convenient time.

As a member you also get access to a private link that allows you to book a 1-1 coaching call, with availability throughout the week, including early mornings and evenings, to answer any additional questions you have, that you can easily fit these around your studies or work schedule.

4) Access To The Members Only Fast-Track Facebook Group
Stop feeling isolated and on your own and have support from other New Grads and experienced therapists at the touch of a button.

This group is a safe place to ask questions about tricky patients you might see and get the support you need to ensure you are able to apply what you learn and get consistent positive patient results.

As other therapists post case studies, you will get exposure to injuries and pathologies you may have not seen before, enabling you to test yourself as to how you might approach such an injury.

This helps you develop your clinical reasoning and decision making skills so you feel more confident about how to tackle more complex patients with injuries you lack the experience with, and know what to do if that patient was to walk through your clinic door tomorrow.

5) FREE Tickets To My In-Person & Online Courses
Each year we host courses both in-person and online and as part of your membership you get all these courses absolutely FREE.

These courses complement the core content and will help you not only consolidate your knowledge learnt in the membership but will take your clinical skills to the next level.

The in-person courses provide a great opportunity to get feedback and coaching on your assessments, patient handling, hands-on treatment and rehab techniques whilst the online courses can be accessed live as part of your membership or if you can not make the live event, you can watch them later in the members area.

As a member you will also get first and exclusive access to any future courses that are released as part of the New Grad Physio.

6) Monthly Masterclass Webinars
Every month you have the opportunity to vote for a special members only masterclass webinar.

Maybe it’s a specific injury or assessment technique or rehab method you want to learn more about…

Just let me know and I can deliver specific content to answer your questions and help you out.

These short webinars are streamed live so you can join in and ask any questions and are always recorded so if you are busy, you can catch up later.

7) New Grad Physio Journal Club – Keep Up To Date With Latest Evidence Quickly & For Free
Once you qualify it can be challenging to know how to stay on top of the evidence base and where to find the best journal articles.

Save yourself wasted hours searching for the latest evidence and expensive journal subscriptions and keep on top of your CPD.

I personally pick out the best and most recent evidence and summarise the content so you can quickly absorb new knowledge in minutes rather than hours.

8) Module Quizzes
At the end of each module you can test your knowledge and consolidate the new content you have learnt with a quick-fire quiz.

These help reinforce what you have learnt and offer a quick and easy way to recap on the main teaching points within each individual module.

9) Career Support
Within the members portal there is a specific module focused on providing support for your career development.

Content is included around preparing for job interviews, negotiating contracts and pay terms with employers and even how to start and scale your own business as a New Grad therapist.

10) CPD Certificates
You will receive a CPD certificate on the completion on each module and for any course included as part of the New Grad Physio Membership.

You can keep these certificates for your records to prove you’re keeping up to date on the latest evidence and complying with your professional bodies regulations.

See If I Am Suitable For The Membership

And Critical For Every New Grad Is Knowing How To Get Your Foot In The Door To Your First Or Next Job So You’ll Get Special Career Training & Learn How To Break Down The Barriers Stagnating Your Career To Fly Up The Promotion Ladder Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

Bonus #1
Foot In The Door Programme

Learning clinical skills is one thing but being able to fast-track your career progress is another.

Unfortunately the best New Grads do not always get the best jobs.

You may have great clinical skills but if you are unable to get your foot in the door and do not know how to put together a CV or perform well in your interview…

Then you may never get the opportunity to do the job you really want!

This is why I created the Foot In The Door Programme.

This 6 module course will walk you through, step by step, the knowledge and insight you need to understand why your are not getting replies to your emails or job applications, when trying to secure placements and interviews…

And exactly what you need to do instead!

It includes worksheets and templates to use to put together a specific letter of application and CV (Module 5) and also prepares you for the type of questions and practical scenarios you will get asked at your interview (Module 6).

Whilst putting together a knockout CV and nailing your interview is key…

Modules 1-4 is where you will learn everything you need to know to get in the head of your potential employer, so you know exactly how to reach out to potential employers, exactly what to say when you email looking for that opportunity and how to stand out from the crowd to make sure it is you, and not another therapist, securing that next placement or job. 

This is the specific career guidance you need as a New Grad…

And one of the big missing subjects that University did not teach you.

And There’s More…

Bonus #2

New Grad Physio Lower Limb Course

Full access to my 3 hour lower limb course.

This course uses case studies to show you specifically how to assess, treat and rehab lower limb injuries.

All techniques and rehab exercises used can be applied in any healthcare setting and by using real life case studies you can see exactly how the New Grad Physio content is applied with real patients, in the real world.

You will also have access to the presentation slides and a CPD certificate for this course.

Bonus #3

New Grad Physio Upper Limb Course Here

Full access to my 3 hour upper limb course. 

This course includes assessment, treatment and rehab content to help you better understand how to manage upper limb injuries.

The shoulder joint is covered in detail and includes teaching on some of the most common shoulder conditions and content on how to manage these injuries.

You will also have access to the presentation slides and a CPD certificate for this course.

4) Bonus #4

Sports Taping Series

Specific videos are included for knee, shoulder and ankle showing you the most effective taping techniques for these joints.
Bonus #5

How To Get Your Patients To Buy-In – The Patient Adherence Blueprint

To get great patient results, your patients need to do their home rehab exercises.

This resource will outline how to maximise patient buy-in and ensure your patients go away and actually complete their rehab…

And turn up to their next session ready to progress to the next stage of their treatment plan.

Plus you get all the other bonus resources listed above!

Here’s A Recap Of What You Will Get When You Join The Membership…

  • New Grad Physio Core Content (£997 Worth Of Content)
  • Module Cheat Sheets
  • FREE 1-1 & Group Coaching Call (Usually £97 per hour)
  • Access To The Members Only Fast-Track Facebook Group
  • FREE tickets to my in-person and online courses (££££)
  • Monthly Masterclass Webinar Access
  • Access To The New Grad Physio Journal Club (££££)
  • CPD Certificates
  • Foot In The Door Programme (£197)
  • New Grad Physio Lower Limb Course (£47)
  • New Grad Physio Upper Limb Course (£47)
  • Sports Taping Series (£47)
  • How To Get Your Patients To Buy-In – The Patient Adherence Blueprint (£47)
  • Extra Bonus Materials (££££)
Minimum Total Value Of £1679

Here’s A Recap Of What You Will Get When You Join The Membership…

Now You Have A Decision To Make…

1. Waste Hundreds, Even Thousands Of Pounds, Of Your Hard Earned Cash Over The Next 5-10 Years With Courses On Manual Therapy, Rehab, Joint Specific Courses, Strength & Conditioning, Private Mentorship Or Career Support And Years Of Frustration Trying To Work Out How To Put All This Content Together


2. Save Your Precious Time, Money, Efforts & avoid mistakes by learning a way of working that integrates All Of The Above and teaches you how to apply this content in your day-day practice for as little as 30 mins commitment per week.

But please note…

The New Grad Physio Membership is not for everyone.

That is why the membership is not freely open to join.

I want to make sure you will be a good fit for the membership and the content will actually help you overcome the problems and challenges you are struggling with right now.

If I can help, you may be invited to join or if places are full, added to our waiting list.

If we can not help you, we will direct you towards content that can.

See If I Am Suitable For The Membership

The New Grad Physio Membership 100% Money Back Guarantee!

The membership’s reputation is built on the results we get for our therapists.

If you feel the content does not help improve your clinical, non-clinical or career skills we will give you your money back.

So, even if you are still a little unsure about whether to join or not, you can try out the membership for 7 days and if you are not happy, we will refund your membership payment in full, no questions asked

Finally…A Quick Way To Learn How To Better Apply Your Existing Knowledge, Add All The Skills University Did Not Teach You To Get Consistent Patient Results & Go To Work Feeling Ready & Confident To Tackle Any Patient That Walks Through Your Door

See If I Am Suitable For The Membership

P.S. We included as much information as possible about the membership’s content and how it can help you but you may still have a few questions.

Here Are A Few Frequently Asked Questions That Other New Grads Ask About The New Grad Physio Membership

What Does The New Grad Physio Aim To Do?
The New Grad Physio membership aims to quicken your transition between University and the real world and give you the knowledge and skills you need to become a competent and confident new grad.

The programme is unique as it is solely designed for new grads, just like you, and will help you better apply the knowledge you learnt at University, whilst teaching you the missing modules and skills University did not teach you.
The New Grad Physio shows you NOT what the textbooks and journals tell you works, but teaches you skills that really work, with real patients, in the real world.

Is The New Grad Physio For Me?
If you are a physiotherapist, sports therapist or a sports rehabilitator, then the New Grad Physio is for you.

The New Grad Physio membership is taught in a way that everything you learn can be applied to any healthcare setting, including the NHS, private practice or professional sport.

The content covers everything from acute injury management to end stage rehab, and everything in between, so you will have assessment, treatment and rehab skills to tackle any injury and any patient that walks through your door.

Do I Need To Be Qualified To Be Part Of The New Grad Physio Membership?
No, you don’t. We understand that many therapists want to get ahead of their peers and hit the ground running when they qualify, and therefore we welcome both qualified and student therapists.

The content is delivered in a way that will simplify many complex themes and as such, is appropriate for both student and qualified therapists.

The Content Sounds Complicated, Is It Difficult To Apply?
Whilst the challenges as a New Grad Physio are challenging, the content is not. The New Grad Physio system teaches you a logical common-sense approach, giving you the structure, you need to apply the evidence base and get the positive patients results you want.

The content is easy to follow and the monthly ‘Cheat Sheets’ I provide summarise the main teaching points and provide a quick reference guide to refer back to whenever you need them, taking the stress out of your day to day practice.

How Much Time Do I Need To Commit Each Week?
I appreciate that every person learns at their own pace and that life can also get in the way of you trying to spend time on your own learning. 

Committing several hours a week to CPD is unrealistic and is a major barrier that stops most new grads staying consistent with their CPD. 

I also know how frustrating it is spending hours and hours watching learning content, like online material and webinars, only to pick up one or two things that you can actually apply.

For that very reason, I have designed the membership to deliver weekly content that will take you less than 20 minutes to consume. 

If you can commit to just 20 minutes per week, the New Grad Physio membership will provide you with concise and quality content that you can apply straight away with your patients and athletes. 

There is some content that will take you longer than 20 minutes to consume, like some of the bonus webinars or courses you get access to as a member, but these can be viewed anytime, at a time convenient to you.

To keep you on track I send out an email reminder every week that lets you know as soon as the new weekly content has been uploaded to the members area.

What Happens When I Signed Up?
Upon signing up you will receive an email immediately with your login details welcoming you to the New Grad Physio Membership. In this email you will also receive a link to join the Private ‘Members Only New Grad Physio Facebook Group’ (more about this later). Once inside the New Grad Physio Membership learning portal you can get working through the content straight away.
How Is The Content Delivered?
Unlike many other online platforms, content in the New Grad Physio membership is delivered via various media methods. 

Over the years the New Grad Physio team have found that members find the best online learning experience contains a mixture of webinar presentations, practical tutorial videos, PDF Cheat Sheets, Facebook Lives, exercise demonstrations and individual and group coaching calls. 

The Members Only New Grad Physio Fast-Track Facebook Group adds another level of interaction where you can ask questions 24/7 to clarify the programme content, get help with a tricky case study or ask any specific questions about your own learning.

What Are Coaching Calls?
Coaching calls are one to one video calls with one of the New Grad Physio team where you can ask specific questions about the specific challenges you are struggling with. You can use these sessions to consolidate the membership content or ask specific questions about a tricky patient you are struggling with. They are designed to provide individual support to you and to complement the New Grad Physio Membership content and the support given within the Members Only New Grad Physio Facebook Group.
What Happens When Membership Content Is Updated In The Future?
Medicine continues to evolve, and the evidence base you use to guide your practice is constantly changing. Andy is constantly updating content to match the changing needs of you as a New Grad Physio, striving to deliver easier ways for you to apply your skills and become that competent, confident and competitive New Grad Physio. Whilst a member you will have instant and full access to any updates made to the content, including any additional bonuses added to the membership.
Do I Have To Attend In Person To Be Part Of This Members Group?
Not at all. All content is delivered online via a mixture of webinar presentations, practical tutorial videos, Facebook lives, exercise demonstrations and online coaching calls. All video footage is filmed in a videography studio, providing you with top quality content, ensuring we deliver an exceptional learning experience to you as a New Grad Physio member and allowing you to access the content at times that work around your own working and social schedule.
Do I Have To Sign Up For a Certain Period Or Can I Cancel At Any Time?
You are not tied into a lengthy membership and you can cancel at any time. There is a quick form in your members account page and that will let us know you want to cancel your subscription. This will take effect immediately and no further payment will be taken.
Why Does Enrolment Only Open At Certain Points In The Year?
So we can provide the best learning experience for members within the New Grad Physio Membership Andy only opens enrolment at certain times a year. This is so Andy and the New Grad Physio team can give you our full attention and the high level of support you need to consume the New Grad Physio Membership content. In addition, if members start and work through the content at specific time points it helps us to answer common questions and provide any additional specific content that might be needed during key stages of the programme.
Will I Be Able To Use This Learning Towards My CPD?
Yes. At the completion of each stage of competency of the New Grad Physio Competency Ladder, you will receive a CPD certificate showing your proof of attendance. You can use these certificates to put towards your CPD training.
Could I Find Some Of This Content Cheaper Or For Free Elsewhere?
Yes, you probably could.

There is loads of cheap or even free resources out there that you can find.

It has took me 10+ years, including 1000’s of hours of time spent on CPD courses and content that did not help.

If you want to spend the next 5-10 years jumping from course to course, trying to implement content and new knowledge, but then just get frustrated when it doesn’t work and then revert back to what you were doing before the course, then go for it.

But if you want to really understand what you are doing, learn how to improve your current assessment, treatment and rehab skills and learn additional skills that will complement, not oppose your current skills, and learn how to get great patients results, well beyond your pay grade and level experience, in a matter of months and not years and years…

Then the New Grad Physio membership is for you.

Why Is This Program Different To Others?
The New Grad Physio Membership is different to a weekend course or other online training as it’s not just about improving your subjective, objective, hands-on treatment skills and rehab planning. It is about understanding WHY you are asking certain subjective questions and understanding WHAT you are trying to achieve with your hands-on treatments and rehab planning. It gives you the skill-sets needed to learn how to build patient rapport and buy into your treatment plans and gain the trust and respect you deserve from both your patients, peers and senior colleagues. The content helps you set career goals and give you the direction and the skills needed to get your next promotion and work towards your own dream job.

It gives you an accessible and continued support network that doesn’t finish once the course ends an evening or weekend course does. This allows the opportunity to ask questions and guide the content to deliver additional material that is relevant to the challenges you are facing right at that time.

The New Grad Physio Membership is a purpose-built learning platform specifically for New Grad Physios with the sole goal in helping you gain the competence and confidence in your practice you need to become a competitive and successful New Grad Physio. time, no questions asked.

See If I Am Suitable For The Membership

Membership Application

  • Learn If The New Grad Physio Membership Is Suitable For You By Answering These Short Questions

About Andy Barker

Andy Barker is a consultant sports and MSK physio.

He currently consults for the Football Association, alongside owning and running his own private practice.

The former Head of Physio & Rehab at the Leeds Rhinos, in which he spent 10 years at the club, Andy currently consults within professional rugby, professional dance and works closely with two world champion boxers.

In 2018 Andy set up The New Grad Physio Membership to help students and New Grads learn everything University didn’t teach them to allow them to become more competent and confident therapists.

Andy teaches his exact assessment, treatment and rehab techniques he uses both in elite sport and private practice, in a simple way, so you save years of trial and error and achieve quick and great results even as a young and inexperienced therapist.

Andy has mentored physiotherapists, sports therapists and sports rehabilatators working in the NHS, private practice and sport, through his programme, from the UK, Ireland and all over Europe.