But I just don’t have enough time for CPD…

Posted By: Andy Barker

It’s tough as a new grad as you try to get to grips with life in the real world.

It’s harder than you anticipated and you quickly learn that University did not prepare you for the patients and their problems that you are being now asked to fix up. 

The expectations from patients and senior colleagues are much greater now.

That safety blanket covering you when you were a student has now gone and you are expected to know what you are doing.

Each and everyday brings new challenges…

Pathologies that you have not heard of…

Injuries that you have no experience managing…

Or tricky patient presentations that were not covered at University.  

You know that you need to keep on top of your CPD to keep progressing and learning…

But finding the time to do this can feel almost impossible. 

Time is the thing that everyone want more of.

More time to complete your patient assessments…

More time with your patients for your treatments and rehab…

More time to really get stuck into some CPD.

I get it.

We all have the same amount of time, the same 168 hours every week…

But the most important thing is, what you do with it.

A lack of time one of the main reasons students and new grads like you do not engage with CPD.

It is the first thing that goes when your life gets busier.

Trying to watch a 2 hour webinar just does not work.

Finding that amount of time is impossible unless you want to have zero social life outside of work.

And worst of all, most of these long-winded webinars and content like this give you 2 hours of content, but the actual information that you can take away and implement could have been covered in 5 minutes.

I know it is so hard to find time for CPD.

That is why almost every video in my membership is less than 10 mins. 

And it’s not just my videos…

All my content is like this.

Cheat sheets for certain joints, red flags, journal reviews, templates for your subjective and objective assessments…

Even my member webinars are only 20-25 minutes long, because I know keeping your attention longer than this is very hard!

All the content has been designed so you can access it quickly, take it in and put it in to action in the quickest time possible!

Just investing 20-30 mins of your time per week in the membership will help you make massive strides in your learning.

If you can invest a little more, you will get to where you need to be even faster.

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