How Santa Can Make You A Better Physio

Posted By: Andy Barker

Santa has a pretty cool job…

Like we do as therapists.

Like us, he’s in a great position to help people out, bring joy to people’s lives and generally make a positive impact on the world.

He is also super smart.

He probably has the best work:life balance out there.

He works 1 day a year, then has the other 364 days to rest up and get ready for his next shift.

He also has arguably the best business model out there.

He has outsourced most of his work…

His team of Elves doing all his dirty work up at the North Pole.

Secondly, he has virtually no costs, as he doesn’t purchase any of the presents that he delivers.

And all this whilst also demanding that he is fed (mince pie) and watered (sherry)…

Whilst you and me also feed his staff (reindeers)!

And you just thought he was a silly fat man in a red suit.

Santa is also very smart in several other ways.

Here’s what you can learn from Santa to become a better therapist…

Get Help

Like Santa and the elves in the North Pole, we all need help.

Nobody ever does anything on their own and those that try, in almost 100% of cases it will take you far more effort, time and £££ than it should have done.

Why would Santa flog himself working for weeks and weeks in the run up to Christmas in every grotto around the world when he can get others to do it for him?

You might need help writing a CV or with a tricky patient in the clinic.

You might be struggling to get your foot in the door in private practice or sport or finding it hard to negotiate a pay raise with your employer.

Whatever it is, a physio somewhere has already had the same challenges as you…

And come out the other side.

Call it logic, but do you think they might be in a great position to offer you some advice and save you months, or even years of frustration and a lack of progress? 

Prioritise Your Effort 

As a physio there are certain tasks you just have to do…

Like SOAP notes, writing rehab plans, MDT meetings and the like…

All important parts of being a physio.  

But we waste so much other time unnecessarily. 

How many times have you said to yourself you will read those journal papers you downloaded…

But they are still sat there staring back at you on your desktop every time you open your laptop?

Or signed up for a free webinar then never turned up?

If these things were really important to your progress you would do them.

You’d read those papers this evening after work and you’d make the time to show up on that webinar.

Santa is the master of prioritisation.

He ultimately has one job…

To deliver everyone’s presents around the world within 24 hours.

Too many therapists fail because of a lack of prioritisation.

You don’t need to complete hours and hours of CPD every week to progress.

As little as 10-15 minutes a week can make a massive difference, if you are learning the right content.

If the content is filling in the knowledge gaps you have and giving you the skills you need to get better at then you will start to get more consistent results with the patients or athletes we work with and start making the career progress you really want.

Do What Lights Your Fire

Santa is the man!

He is probably the most liked man in the world and why wouldn’t he be.

He get’s all the glory. 

For one day’s graft.

This is after the poor elves have done all the hard work, he gets to fly around the world and drop off the presents. 

The job of dreams.

When you set out on your physio journey I am sure there was one job that you dreamed about.

It’s probably the reason you started your degree in the first place.

The problem…

99% of you will never achieve your dream role.

This has nothing to do with luck or bad fortune.

Largely it is the result of a lack of direction and perseverance.

You hit a few barriers and then you just give up.

You are a sports therapist so you say all the physio’s are getting the jobs.

But then the physio’s say it’s who you know not what you know…

Or there are no jobs in sport or private practice…

Or I don’t want to work weekends any way…

Or some other ‘excuse’ that fits your circumstances.

You might not like to hear that but it’s true.

There is nothing better than doing something that you truly enjoy.

Doing the job you dreamed of doing…

Helping the patients or athletes you want to work with overcome their injuries, helping them out of pain and back to full fitness.

This might be in a higher level NHS role…

A job in private practice, maybe even your own clinic…

Or working with a pro sports team.

Dream high, make a plan and make no excuses.

In 2022 go after your goals or you might just find the year does not pan out like you had hoped.

Be more like Santa and you might just get what you always wanted!

Want to make 2022 a big year but feel you might need a little help then get in touch.

Send me an email to with the subject ‘2022’ and I’ll get right back to you.

Andy Barker

The New Grad Santa

PS. Clearly some of these comparisons are quite jovial but they all carry really important messages.

The start of any year is just that, the start.

It’s your opportunity to hit the ground running and really make the year count.

Send me an email to with the subject ‘2022’ and I’ll get back to you asap with some help to make next year a big one!