How To Open Doors To Your Dream Job

Posted By: Andy Barker

Getting that first opportunity can often be your toughest task.

You have graduated and you just need that clinic or club to give you a shot…

But you just can’t seem to get going.

You submit your CV and letter of application and hear nothing back…

You reach out to physio’s on social media but get no reply…

Or maybe you do get an interview but someone else gets offered the job.

You feel the harder you try…

The harder it is to open doors and get your career off the ground.

We are at the tail-end of covid (hopefully) and whilst things in the therapy world are largely back to normal you might have missed important placement time…

Or been on reduced hours, maybe working in a different area, over the past couple of years and feel this has set you further behind.

Add to the fact that every year 1000’s more therapists graduate and are ready to compete with you for the same jobs you are applying for.

If ever there was a time you needed to stand out from the crowd in a busy job market it is NOW!

So how do you do this?

Let’s take a look! 

Firstly, I need to make this clear.

Nobody will give you a job if you can not do the job.

I’m talking about being competent assessing, treating and rehabbing patients.

Of course as a new grad you are still learning and you will need support to get better at these things…

But if you really feel that you would not have the basic skills to do the job you are applying for, then you shouldn’t apply for it.

It will only end in disaster and shatter your confidence.

Assuming you do have these basic skills let’s look at how to open doors.

In short…

You do it by being able to stand out from the crowd.

By setting your self apart from your peers and all those other therapists that WILL be applying for the same roles.

A copy and pasted CV from google isn’t going to cut it…

…neither is rocking up to an interview expecting to give a 10/10 performance having not put the prep work in.

If you are applying for a job and there are 100 applications…

You need to be in the top 1% to get that job.

A 8/10 CV is not going to be enough.

You are going to have to smash the interview to get the job.

This is what separates new grads that are good and new grads that are great.

And it’s not actually that hard to do.

You just need to know how.

Otherwise that first step on your journey to a successful career as a New Grad Physio, Sports Therapist or Sports Rehabiliator…

…might always stay just out of reach. 

Don’t Do This…

The biggest mistake I see new grad’s make is when they reach out and make contact with potential employers.

This might be a hospital department, a private clinic or a physio at a pro sports club.

You send an email or DM asking for a placement, an internship, a shadowing opportunity or even a paid role.

What’s wrong with this?

After all…if you don’t ask you’ll never get.

This is true.

But the big mistake is asking for these opportunities right away.

I’m sure you have already tried this and know exactly what I mean.

The usual process is something like this…

  1. You find a contact email.
  2. You send a copy and pasted email with your CV attached.

Usually it starts something like this…

‘Hi I’m Andy a newly graduated physio….I’m looking for work….I’m looking to spend some time learning/shadowing…etc…etc…etc’

  1. You hear tumbleweed and your inbox is empty…

No reply.

Or if you do it’s the usual response of…

‘Sorry we don’t have any positions at the moment.’

‘We are not taking on any students right now.’ 

‘We will keep your details on file’ and should any opportunities come up we’ll let you know (less common – but this is a nice way of saying no and they won’t be keeping your name on file).

Sorry to burst your bubble but this stuff just does not work.

You are wasting your time.

Here’s what you need to do instead…

Whether you have qualified or you are still studying, you always need to develop your career skills.

You could be the therapist applying for that job, be confident and competent with your patient assessments, hands-on treatments and your patient rehab…

And on paper you would, 100%, make a great addition to that department, clinic or sports club.

But, unfortunately that does not mean you will get the opportunity.

You need to be competent with your clinical skills, your patient assessments, treatments and rehab…

And be confident with your patient handling, communication skills and be able to build patient rapport and trust with your patients and the other staff you work with…

But you also need to be competitive, and you need to know how to stand out from the crowd, so you can get ahead of your peers to open doors to get in the interview room…

Then perform well under pressure, to get the job you really want.

The hard thing here is nobody ever taught you at University how to do this sort of thing.

So you are just doing what you think is the best thing.

But it’s not working.

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