My Most Embarrassing New Grad Stories

Posted By: Andy Barker

From the outset my new grad journey might look like a dream…

Gaining my dream job as the Head Physio at the Leeds Rhinos less than 15 months after graduating.

At the time they were the top team in the country, having just one that years Grand Final and having won 4 of the last 5 championships.

This was a big job!

But it wasn’t all rosy, far from it.

Those early times as a new grad were littered with errors, mistakes and those imposter feelings we all get as a new grad.

From not knowing what an ankle syndemsosis injury was…

Palpating and diagnosing the wrong injuries…

Being unsure on how to use braces, boots and slings…

And feeling almost clueless when a patient or player asked me that dreaded prognosis question…

‘How long will it be until…?’

I made made some big #%&* ups for sure…

Some of which nearly lost me the changing room and the trust of the players I was looking after.

Even worse they nearly cost me my job!

I remember each and every mistake I made like it was yesterday.

Those feelings of being inadequate and incompetent I’m not sure you ever forget how bad they make you feel.

Worst of all was when this happened.

I am certain you can relate as a new grad to all those embarrassing stories I mention in the video.

But whilst I did make mistakes, thankfully I was able to keep these mistakes to a minimum.

I was very fortunate to have great mentorship and help from an awesome physio when I first started out who showed me the mistakes I was making and how to fix them quickly.

He filled in all the blanks, all that stuff that I needed to know as a new grad, but University had not taught me.

But better than that…

Because he had walked in my shoes before, he could also help me with the problems and challenges I would come up against in the weeks, months and years that followed, all of which I would have had no idea were lurking round the corner!

It’s easier to plan and avoid a problem when you know it is coming…

Not so easy when you don’t and it just happens and you are left…

Usually on your own…

To try work out what when wrong and how to fix it up.

Life is tough as a new grad.

Don’t make it harder for yourself by trying to do it all on your own.


The New Grad Physio Mentor

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