NewGrad Physio: ‘3 Simple Ways To Get The Right Patient Diagnosis’

Do you sometimes second guess yourself and lack confidence giving your patient a diagnosis?

If you are not sure what the patients problem is, it is almost impossible for you to plan and prescribe the right treatment techniques and rehab exercises.

Beyond the initial assessment, you should only be checking in with a few key markers (both subjective and objective) to see how your patient or athlete is progressing.

Despite this, so many students and new grads are still asking subjective questions or conducting objective assessment tests that should have been completed in that first session.

This happens because you put too much pressure on yourself and in most cases overcomplicate your subjective and objective assessments.

This week’s podcast will show you 3 simple things you can do to help you make sense of your patient assessments to give you the confidence in what you are doing…

And help you find the right patient diagnosis.

Enjoy the show!

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