NewGrad Physio: ‘Ankle Assessments – Avoid These 3 Vital Mistakes’

Ankle injuries are common but some injuries are missed, often mis-diagnosed as something else…

And this is the big reason why what appear to be simple ankle ‘sprains’ or tendon issues can be tricky to manage…

And often take more time than they should to settle down.

Add to this the high rates of recurrent ankle injuries, you have a problem.

So what is it that you might be doing wrong?

In this week’s podcast you will discover 3 vital mistakes that you must avoid if you want to do a better job with your ankle injury assessments so you can find the right diagnosis…

And be confident that you are treating the right problem.

This is the first, but most vital step, of any successful ankle injury treatment and rehab plan.

Enjoy the show!

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