NewGrad Physio: ‘Just Graduated – What Is The Best Job For You?

Do you do your NHS rotations?

Go straight into private practice…

Or try get your foot in the door sport straight away?

Is the most important thing at the start of your career just to get some experience or should you go after your dream job right away?

There is a lot to try figure out when you first graduate.

Knowing what to do and making sure you make the right career decisions that will help you progress and not waste those vital early years of learning.

With so many mixed messages from University lecturers, friends, family, colleagues and other therapists on Instagram or LinkedIn it can be almost impossible to try make sense of it all and actually decide what the best move for you actually is.

In this week’s podcast you will discover 3 key things you need to know to give you career clarity and help you plan the best move for you…

To make those first steps to a happy and successful career as a physio, sports therapist or sports rehabilatator…

And avoid making the wrong decision and send yourself down the wrong career path.

Enjoy the show!

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