NewGrad Physio: ‘Getting Patients To Do Their Home Rehab Exercises’

As a physio there is not much worse than patient’s not doing their rehab.

You give your patient the exercises to help them get better…

But for whatever reason they don’t do them.

Maybe it’s a lack of time…

Or they forgot what you told them to do…

But whatever it is, you know that if they don’t start buying in to the rehab plan, then they are not going to improve.

And these type of patients are always the same patients that start questioning you why they are not getting better after the first few sessions!

Doing your hands-on treatment techniques on a patient can help reduce pain and improve range of movement, sometimes even improve strength, but it is the rehab that fixes the problem 9/10 and stops the problem coming back.

Maybe you label your patients ‘lazy’ and question if they actually want to get better.

After all, if they did surely they would do their rehab exercises like you asked.

But in most cases the reason patients do not do their rehab is not their fault…

But your fault!

Find out why this is the case and what you need to do differently to get your patients to actually stick to their rehab plan…

And start getting better!

Enjoy the show!

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