NewGrad Physio: “How To Lose Your ‘Young’ & ‘Inexperienced’ Therapist Tag”
In episode #12 of the New Grad Physio Podcast you will find out HOW to get patients to give you the RESPECT and RECOGNITION you deserve as a New Grad Physio.

Those early years are tough enough without having to overcome patient resistance to your advice and interventions just because they perceive you as being ‘Young’ and ‘Inexperienced.’

Whether you are 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years graduated, some patients think you are not up to the job as a New Grad Physio, Sports Therapist or Sports Rehabilitator, just because you lack the ‘experience’ an older therapist might have.

You cannot change how long you have been qualified or the experience you have right now.

But what you can do is…

…Find out why this is happening and what you need to do to STOP this happening to you, helping you to get your patients on side with your treatment plans and in turn helping you to get the patient results you really want.

Enjoy the show.

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