NewGrad Physio: ‘What They Do Not Tell You About Lower Back Pain At Uni’

Working with real patients in the real world is a far cry from treating your classmates in a practical session or when you were out on placement.

Then you were still learning…

And you had the fall back and ‘excuse’ to get things wrong.

But once you qualify that all changes.

Patients expect you to fix them and they do not care if you qualified 10 months ago or 10 years ago…

They just want you to tell them what is causing their back pain and how you are going to fix it.

Lower back pain is something you will see more than any other injury.

It’s the most prevalent MSK in the world so it’s an area of the body you need to know how to manage.

Listen to this week’s podcast to help you fill in some important information University did not teach you…

To help you better assess, treat and rehab any of the lower back pain patients you see.

Enjoy the show!

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