NewGrad Physio: ‘The Guaranteed Way To F#*k Up Your Patients Treatment Plan’

Most therapists I speak to think they have a problem with their treatment and rehab programmes.

You think you need to learn more skills…

So you go on courses to learn acupuncture, dry needling, ART or some other 3-word treatment technique or…

You start using blood flow restriction training or some other ‘sexy’ rehab protocols or a new exercise that you have just seen your favourite physio using on Instagram.

Sure some of these techniques and rehab exercises might help.

But they will only help your patient if you give your patient the right intervention…at the right time.

Most therapists do NOT have a problem with their treatment and rehab programmes.

Listen to this week’s podcast episode to find out what problem they really have and why you need to make sure you are not making this very same mistake.

Enjoy the show!

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