NewGrad Physio: ‘Treat With Your Head Not Your Heart’

The key to success with any patient is being able to clinically reason what you are doing.

It is being able to make sound judgements based on the findings of your clinical assessment and making the right call with a patient’s diagnosis and prognosis.

This can be hard as a new grad, especially if you are seeing injuries that you might not commonly see, or injuries that you have not had much experience with in the past.

The physio inside you always wants to give a positive spin on each and every injury you see, to give good news and a rosy prognosis…

But be careful as this might sometimes catch you out!

Hear how this almost happened to me with this pro netball player just last week so you do not make the same mistake yourself, in the latest episode of the New Grad Physio podcast.

Enjoy the show!

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