NewGrad Physio: ‘3 Must Do’s In Your Patient Assessment’

You do not need me to tell you how important your patient assessment is.

The assessment is at the start for a very good reason…

As it informs everything else you do after that.

It gives you your diagnosis…

Helps inform your patient prognosis…

And tells you what treatments and rehab to prescribe your patient.

Even as an inexperienced physio and even with complex cases, you should always be able to identify a probable cause of your patients symptoms after your subjective assessment.

Next you can use your objective assessment to prove or disprove this.

The subjective assessment is so important.

I’d go as far as saying it is probably the most important part of what you do as a therapist, because everything else you do after this is reliant on a good subjective assessment.

But it is something that so many new grad physio’s struggle with.

Listen to this week’s podcast and discover 3 tips to help you nail your subjective assessment.

Enjoy the show!

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