NewGrad Physio: “Should We Be Using Manual Therapy?”
Episode #14 of the New Grad Physio Podcast will discuss the controversial topic of manual therapy.

Regardless of your current thoughts regarding manual therapy you need to listen to this podcast episode because you will discover WHY manual therapy gets a bad name.

We know that the evidence base is poor for manual therapy interventions, but it is for a lot of interventions we use as therapists.

The main reason therapists do not use manual therapy is that they lack the understanding as to what manual therapy actually does.

Most therapists (even highly experienced therapists) really do not understand why they are using manual therapy techniques and what these techniques are actually doing.

This is GAME CHANGER and once you know this, it will make your own understanding about how you can use manual therapy (if you choose to use it) in the best possible way to help your patients out of pain and through a full treatment plan.

Enjoy the show.

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