NewGrad Physio: “STOP Overwhelm With Your Patient Assessments”
As therapists we ALL do the same 3 things…

We assess our patients…

We treat our patients…

And we prescribe rehab for our patients.

These are the 3 pillars of what we do as therapists to help patients out of pain and back to full health.

So if so simple, why is it that some therapists are able to make quick changes to patient symptoms whilst others become overwhelmed and are not able to give their patients the service, they feel they deserve.

In this podcast you will learn how these 3 pillars (assessment, treatment & rehab) link and discover about why failure with one part of your intervention greatly affects all the other pillars and in turn affects your patient outcomes.

Enjoy the show.

PS. You will learn all about how to better assess, treat and rehab your patients on my upcoming New Grad Physio Lower Limb Course.

On this course you will discover exactly how to identify both the site AND source of symptoms, using your patient assessments to find out exactly what treatments techniques and rehab exercises your patient needs.

In addition, you will learn how to progress (and regress) any lower limb patient (including lower back pain patients) through a FULL rehab plan, start to finish, knowing when they are ready to progress to the next stage of rehab and when they are ready to be cleared for higher level activities like the gym and running.

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