NewGrad Physio: “When You Know Your Patient Is Ready For Higher – Level Activities”
Knowing when to allow your patients to return to higher level activities, like the gym, running and sport can be a difficult decision.

I’m sure you’ve been asked those questions from your patient like…

‘When will I be back running’

‘When will I be able to get back in the gym’

‘How long is it going to take before I am back playing football, rugby, hockey etc…’

These can be tough questions to answer.

You want to give a response to their question, but it can be hard to give an accurate prognosis.

You are conscious that you don’t want to give a timeframe that is unrealistic.

In this episode you will learn how to give an answer to those difficult patient questions.

Learn what you need to do to give you the confidence and conviction to tell a patient when they will be hit important milestones in their treatment plan, like a return to higher-level activities like the gym, running and sport.

Enjoy the show.

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