NewGrad Physio: “How To Leverage Your Learning During Lock-down”
Whilst these unprecedented circumstances present us with many challenges, you can use lock-down to your advantage.

Most therapists are finding they have more time on their hands and as such, it is a great opportunity to develop your skills and spend more dedicated and uninterrupted time on your CPD.

But the problem is, staying motivated to do it, knowing what to do and ensuring you are not wasting the time you do allocate to your learning.

If you can get it right, you will go back into your role in the NHS, private practice or sport after lock-down, a much better equipped therapist, ready to take on the challenges of your role as a New Grad Physio.

In this episode I cover 3 top tips to help you stay on track and to maximise the time you spend on your CPD and learning during lockdown.

Enjoy the show.

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