NewGrad Physio: “The UP YOURS Test To Diagnose Ankle Injuries”
Whilst in recent years therapists generally have become better at assessing ankle injuries, many syndesmosis (high ankle) injuries still get missed, often misdiagnosed as a lateral ankle injury.

This present a BIG problem as these injuries are managed in the same way as a lateral ankle injury.

However, there management should be very different.

In this podcast you will discover;

– The Importance Of Early Diagnosis Of Ankle Syndesmosis Injuries

– The Big Difference Between Ankle Syndesmosis Injuries And Other Ankle Injuries & How You Can Assess For This

– What The ‘UP YOURS’ Syndesmosis Test Is & How You Can Use It To Differentiate Between An Ankle Syndesmosis & A Lateral Ankle Injury

Enjoy the show.

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