NewGrad Physio: “Why Rehab Goes Wrong – The Real Reason Patients Pain Comes Back”
When rehab doesn’t go well it is frustrating for your patient and for you as their therapist.

A common time to encounter rehab problems is when patients go back to higher-level activities like running, the gym, back to work or return to sport.

Why is it when some of these patients and athletes return to these activities they break down?

You think you have progressed their rehab well…

…you have taken them from the bed to standing rehab, added resistance or gym-based exercises…

…they feel stronger, fitter and you think they are ready to go…

…but when they start running, when they get out on the field, go back to work or back to the gym their symptoms quickly return, and they are back in your treatment room asking you why…

Whilst there are numerous reasons why, there are some fundamental errors New Grad’s often make that are contributing to this problem.

This podcast will discuss these issues and help you to understand how you can better serve your patients and reduce the chances of them having problems when they return to higher-level activities.

Enjoy the show

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