NewGrad Physio: “Where To Start With Shoulder Treatment & Rehab”
The shoulder can be challenging to deal with.

It is a complex joint, with many structures.

It is well evidenced that many shoulder special tests have poor sensitivity and reliability, meaning it can be hard to pin-point a patient’s specific cause of shoulder pain.

The result…

…it is hard to make a diagnosis.

…and without a diagnosis many New Grad therapists struggle to know where to start with their treatments and rehab.

Often this means therapists try and treat everything.

You give rotator cuff exercises, stretches, scapula stability work…

…because you are not sure where you should be focusing your attention.

In this podcast you will discover how to simplify your shoulder assessment to find the main cause of shoulder pain, even without a diagnosis.

Then you will know what to focus your efforts on with your hands-on treatment techniques and rehab and NOT fall into the common pitfall of trying to treat everything!

Enjoy the show.

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