NewGrad Physio: “Knee Assessments Made Easy”
The knee itself is a relatively simple joint.

It’s a hinge joint, it flexes and extends (it also internally and externally rotates) but lets’ keep it simple.

The strong muscles of the quads, hamstrings and calves support the knee alongside the passive structures like the ligaments and menisci.

As simple as knee might appear, some patients with knee pain can be tricky to deal with.

You can no doubt think of a knee pain patient you have seen before that didn’t go as you had hoped…

…maybe you struggled to settle their knee pain after a period of rest…

…maybe that patient struggled with their rehab and some of the exercises you gave them made them symptoms worse…

…maybe they went back to running and their symptoms came back…

…maybe you worry sometimes that you might miss an important injury like an ACL.

Despite being a ‘simple’ joint the knee can be challenging.

This podcast will help you better understand what makes a great knee assessment and how you can identify what special tests you should use, the order of special testing and why the ‘best’ evidenced tests might NOT be the best tests to use.

Enjoy the show!

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