NewGrad Physio: “Where To Start With A Hamstring Injury”
Are you confident in your assessments to differentiate between a hamstring muscle, tendon or nerve injury?

Would you know how to manage each of these different issues?

Do you know what objective markers to use so you know your patient or athlete is ready to progress to the next stage of rehab?

As a New Grad you might feel under equipped to manage a hamstring injury, or other soft tissue injures to the calf, groin or quad, but don’t worry…

This podcast will help you and by reading listening to this episode you will have a better understanding about;

– How to differentiate between a real hamstring injury and a sciatic nerve problem

– Why stretching can be a waste of time and in some cases detrimental to your patient or athletes injury

– How you can start the rehab process as soon as possible after injury and why doing this will help reduce pain and improve patient function much quicker

Enjoy the show.

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