NewGrad Physio: “Getting Your Foot In The Door In The NHS, Private Practice Or Sport”
Have you ever wondered why some therapists struggle to create opportunities whilst other New Grad’s seem to transition effortlessly from University and into the real world…

…and fly up the career ladder faster than anyone ever thought possible?

Making your first or next career step is tough.

You might have the clinical skills to do a good job as a New Grad but you won’t be able to use these skills unless you are given the opportunity.

As this podcast is released we are still under the restrictions in the UK related to covid-19.

Covid-19 has already had a big affect on the therapy job market.

1000’s more therapists will graduate this year.

Add this to the 1000’s of therapists already looking for work or another job role…

…then add on all the therapists that have already (or will shortly) be losing their jobs…

This means many more therapists applying for a limited number of job opportunities.

If ever there was a time you needed to stand out from the crowd in a busy job market it is NOW!

Listen to this podcast if you want to learn the steps you need to take, right NOW, to standout from the crowd in what will be an ever increasingly difficult job market and hit the ground running post Covid-19.

Enjoy the show!

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