NewGrad Physio: “Dave Fahey – Student To Full-Time Pro Football In Less Than 18 Months”
In this special episode I am joined by New Grad Physio Dave Fahey as we discuss his rapid rise from student to his role now working full-time with Leeds United Football Club.

Learn how he was able to transition from University and not only survive, but thrive and experience quick progress his career…

…much quicker than most would imagine possible…

…and into a role many would consider above his level of experience and pay grade!

Dave has some great tips, so if you want to learn how to fast-track your own career then this is a must listen!

Enjoy the show.

PS. If you are interested about how stand out from the crowd and get your ‘foot in the door’ in a pro sports club, private practice setting or even that dream NHS role then let me know…

…send an email to andy@newgradphysio.com and I’ll get right back to you with some help.