NewGrad Physio: “How To Pick The RIGHT First Job As A New Grad”
Picking your first job as a New Grad is a BIG decision.

How do you know a job is right for you?

So many therapists make the WRONG decision when chasing their first job and as a result, struggle to make the progression they want during those early months and even years as a New Grad.

You become frustrated and feel that their career has become stagnant before it has even got going.

Have you qualified and looking for work…

…or do you already have a job but it is not a role you enjoy…

…or are you still studying but want to best prepare yourself when you do graduate?

This podcast will discuss some of the key considerations you MUST think about when you are looking at applying for and possibly accepting your next job role.

And it is more than just the amount of $$$ they are offering!

Enjoy the show!

PS. If you are interested about how to ensure you make the best decision when planning the next step in your career and want to know the quickest and easiest way to fast-track your career then let me know…

…send an email to andy@newgradphysio.com and I’ll get right back to you with some help.