NewGrad Physio: “Is It Safe To Let The Knees Over The Toes When Squatting?”
There is a big difference in opinion about the best way to squat and in particular…

…should you let the knees come over the toes?

Many therapists think that letting your knees come over your toes is bad for your knees.

But is this true?

And what does the evidence say?

In this podcast I talk through a recent patient I saw in clinic and how he had injured his knee because of too much knees over the toes training…

…then why I gave him more of this style of squatting as part of his rehab!

I cover all the main talking points around knee position during squatting…

…so you can clinically reason when you might (or might not) use different knee positions, including knees over the toes training, with your squat based rehab exercises.

Enjoy the show!

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