NewGrad Physio: ‘Why Impingement Is Not A Diagnosis And Why You Should Never Use It’
Impingement is NOT a diagnosis.

I hold my hands up and admit that I used to think it was…

And worse still, I admit I gave it this diagnosis to 100’s of patients and the athletes that I worked with.

Not only is this diagnosis label highly inaccurate…

Giving impingement as a diagnosis is actually detrimental to your treatment plan and results in reduced adherence to a patients home exercise programme!

If you understand this it is a one way ticket to quicker and more consistent results, even with tricky shoulder and hip cases.

In this new podcast I’ll show exactly why ‘impingement’…

– Is NOT a diagnosis and what it actually is

– Why it is lazy label to use and what you should focus your and your patients attentions on instead

– Why it should never be used and how to give a diagnosis to a subacromial bursa or cuff issue (the injuries that you would normally call ‘impingement’) without a mention of the word impingement.

Enjoy the show!

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