NewGrad Physio: ‘Why Prescribing Rehab Without A Diagnosis Is Malpractice’
Think about going to see your doctor.

And before you even get chance to explain what is going on…

The doctor just gives you some pills and shows you the door.

You would hope this would never happen.

Clearly the doctor needs to ask you some questions and examine you to diagnose your issue and THEN…

Prescribe you with the right medication or advice for your illness.

But most therapists do this very same thing day in and day out.

You go through your assessment and even if you are unsure on what the diagnosis is you carry on regardless.

This is no different to that bad doctor.

You should never start treating your patient until you are clear about what you are actually trying to fix.

In this podcast episode you will learn 3 simple steps you can follow to ensure you don’t make this big mistake…

And ensure you can clinically reason any treatment technique or rehab exercise you use, with any patient you see.

Enjoy the show!

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