NewGrad Physio: ‘Hip Impingement – Are You Treating The Wrong Hip’
Hip pain can be tough to get a grip a hold of.

I’m sure you have seen those patients that seem to get better, sometimes quickly, but then just as quickly, they regress.

Sometimes getting rid of their symptoms seems to be the easy part, as no sooner do these symptoms go away, they come back as patients get back in the gym or playing sport.

The hip is also tricky because it can also be easily aggravated with things like sitting, driving and even sleeping, as well as more active movements like squatting, lunging and running.

But there is one thing that can make a big difference to hip pain and not only help you quickly take away a patients hip pain, but also help keep it away.

It’s super simple and really obvious when you know it…

But hardly anyone is doing it!

This podcast episode will help you make simple sense of the hip, a complex joint in many ways…

And show you some easy strategies you can apply with your patients that will help you manage even tricky cases of hip pain.

Enjoy the show!

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