NewGrad Physio: “How To Fly Up The Promotion Ladder”
In this episode of The New Grad Physio Podcast you will discover exactly WHAT you need to know to fly up the promotion ladder faster than you ever thought possible!

Maybe you don’t want to follow the ‘traditional’ NHS rotation route and have a clear idea about where you want your career to go.

Maybe the NHS is for you, but you want to learn how to gain a static role in an area you ‘actually’ want to work.

Regardless of whether you want to work in the NHS, private practice or sport this episode is for you.

Ill be detailing how you can fast-track your career, just like I was able to, as I progressed from University student to my own dream job as Head Physio at the Leeds Rhinos in little over a year…

Enjoy the podcast.

Any comments or questions about the content of the episode send them over to andy@newgradphysio.com

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