NewGrad Physio: ‘Concussion – A Guide For New Grads Working In Sport’
Concussion is a very talked about subject right now, especially in sport.

Almost daily there is a story about a current athlete struggling with concussion or ex-athletes suffering long term problems, like dementia and Alzheimer’s, that are starting to be linked to previous incidence of concussion.

Despite their prevalence, most new grads do not know how to manage a concussion, largely because these injuries are not covered at University.

But the ability to diagnose, educate and manage concussions…

And to be able to safely know how and when to progressively grade athletes back to activity following a head injury, is a key skill you need if you want to work in sport.

This special podcast episode will cover the main talking points around concussion…

Help you understand how to rehab an athlete back to full fitness following a head injury…

And help you learn how to protect yourself (and your players)and avoid heated touchline arguments with your players, or even the head coach, even before your player gets concussed.

Enjoy the show!

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