NewGrad Physio: ‘Are You Making This Vital Mistake Stopping You Ever Achieving Your Dream Job?’
No matter which way you want your career to go or what your dream job is…

Making a fast start and ensuring you are heading in the right direction at the beginning of your career is vital.

However, most new grads waste the first 3-5 years of their careers, making little progress, largely because they have been told this is ‘normal’ and it is ‘what everyone has to do.’

This is not true!

Maybe you are a physio and like me, you were told that you should qualify and get a job as a Band 5, go through your rotations for a few years, before deciding what area you want to work in.

Or you are a sports therapist or rehabber and you are currently working in a clinic or sports club, but just mainly doing massage…

You’ve been told you will start doing assessments and rehab soon, but 2 years later you are still waiting.

The best thing I did back at Uni was to totally ignore the career advice I was given.

And in this special podcast episode you will learn why you must also do the same if you ever want to achieve your dream role working in sport, private practice or the NHS.

Enjoy the show!

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