NewGrad Physio: ‘Communication, Difficult Questions & MDT Working With Top Sports Doc Jon Power [MDT Series]’
In this special podcast episode I was joined by top Sports & Exercise Medicine (SEM) Consultant Dr Jon Power.

I have a pretty small circle of people that I seek and take advice from and Jon is top of the tree.

As a doctor, he has a wealth of experience in so many areas, from the NHS to private practice, football to rugby, he has a skill-set unrivalled, and as well as being an awesome SEM doctor he is also a top guy.

He currently works at the Football Association, and has worked with every England team, both on the men’s and women’s pathways, including both senior teams…

Alongside his private practice work, I have been very fortunate to work with Jon over the last 7 years with various different teams…

And he is without question one of the best practitioners I have ever worked with and he has had a massive influence on my career.

It was a pleasure to pick his brain for an hour and I finished the episode having learnt new things that I will take away and use in my practice…

And you will do the same!

Central to our discussion was MDT working, communication and managing difficult conversations with patients, players and coaches.

As good as your clinical skills might be if you can not nail these important things then you might struggle to get your patients, players and coaches to take on board and believe what you are saying!

Enjoy the show!

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