NewGrad Physio: ‘Knowing When It Is Safe To Return To Running’

Making the decision to clear a patient or athlete for higher level activities like running or a return to sport can seem like a BIG call.

It is a big step in the rehab process but only if you haven’t done the work beforehand, and your patient has not earned the right to progress to the higher levels of rehab.

Get this wrong and your patient will struggle, their symptoms will flare up and you may have to hold them back to let their symptoms settle…
Before you can get back into their rehab.

Get this wrong again and you may end up in that vicious cycle of flare up, rest, rehab, flare up, rest…

Which is highly frustrating for you and your patient, particularly if you can’t put your finger on why this is happening.

In this week’s podcast episode you will learn what patients and athletes really need in their rehab, and I’ll give you a hint, it’s not some fancy treatment technique or rehab exercise, it’s actually much simpler than that…

But is something that if you do not nail, your patient will struggle when you try to push them through their later stages of rehab…

And even break down when you give them the green light to return to higher level activities like running and sport.

Enjoy the show!

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