Quick Changes In Ankle Mobility

Posted By: Andy Barker

Ever worked hard with a patient to improve their range of movement only for them to lose it all almost as quickly as they gained it?

The ankle is one joint that can be tricky to maintain mobility in.

This is particularly so with those chronic joint, ligament and even achilles injuries that for often do not keep the mobility improvements you make, which is frustrating for your patient and even more frustrating for you!

This is also a big problem as if you are having to continually do the same treatments over and over just to get their range back, your patient or athlete might become over reliant on you to help them and even worse…

Too much treatment can actually irritate the ankle, especially when treatment is not needed.

In my upcoming ankle webinar (I’ll be sharing with you a quick-fire ‘trick’ to improve ankle range of movement.

This ‘trick’ works almost 100% of the time and not only that…

It works quickly, does not irritate the ankle and the results stick…

So your patient or athlete does not lose their new found mobility as soon as they leave your clinic room. 

It even works for those chronically ‘stiff’ ankles and when you see how easy it is you will wonder why you did not think of it yourself!

To understand why this technique works so well, you just have to understand how the ankle works.

This is just simple biomechanics of the ankle.

I’m not talking about forces, torque, angles of motion or something else complicated.

I love biomechanics, I did my Master’s degree in the subject area and could talk about this kind of thing all day, but this is not MSc level stuff.

It’s basic biomechanics and a little anatomy knowledge.

It’s understanding what you are trying to do when you put your hands on your patient and not just rubbing their calf or giving them some knee to wall mobility exercises.

The key to ankle hands-on and rehab prescription is giving your patient or athlete the right intervention for the right problem, at the right time.

Not enough and your patient will not improve…

Too much and you might end up causing a raging ankle synovitis (if you’ve not seen one of these before, you do not want to, as they are a nightmare to manage and more often than not are actually caused by therapists pushing ankle loading too early in the rehab process).

I’ll be covering how to make quick changes in ankle mobility, showing you some techniques that work with even chronically ‘stiff’ ankles,’ and much more in my next FREE webinar…

’Lateral Ankle Injuries – Why A Lateral Ligament Injury Is Much More Than Just A ‘Rolled’ Ankle’

This webinar is happening this Wednesday 9th June 2021 at 19:00 (UK Time) and you can register your free place here. 

As well as learning my mobility ‘tricks’ you will also learn…

– How To Easily Differentiate Between Different Lateral Ankle Injuries So You Can Confidently Make The Right Diagnosis

– Why Lateral Ankle Injuries Often Present With Medial Joint Line Pain, What This Means & Why You Need To Be Respectful Of This Problem

– The Special Tests You Need To Know To Rule In An ATFL & CFL Injury To Be Sure You Are Actually Treating A Lateral Ankle Injury

– Specific Lateral Ankle Mid & End Stage Rehab Options To Ensure Your Patient or Athlete Is Ready To Return To Higher Level Activities Like Running & Sport

– Plus I’ll Be Holding A LIVE Q & A Session To Answer Any Questions


P.S. This is a one-off webinar so if you miss it Wednesday you’ll miss it completely.

Give me 45 mins of your time and you’ll learn everything I mentioned above and you’ll even get a CPD certificate just for turning up.

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