Success Series; Why Pelvic Rehab Is NOT Just For Women – Katie Davis

Posted By: Andy Barker

I recently caught up with Katie Davis for the final instalment of my success series.

Katie is a private practice and women’s health physiotherapist and has as a wealth of experience in the NHS and private sectors and is a specialist in women’s health therapy.

One of the biggest takeaways for me was how pelvic rehab, yoga and pilates can be used for ALL patients and athletes, not just women as has traditionally been thought.

Katie spoke about how she got into this area and how she has used these methods to get great results in all manner of different areas of therapy, patients with all manner of different injuries, with both genders and even within different areas like professional sport.

It’s a real eye opener and if you understand just how valuable these techniques can be, you will no doubt be looking at how you can incorporate these into your own practice, to get great results with any patient or athlete you work with.

Katie shared many great tips and here are 3 of the best…

#1 Look For People That Can Support You

All the guests on the success series have spoken in depth about how others have helped mentor and mould their careers, and Katie was no different.

Katie spoke about how it is important to reach out to others for support, and consider help and advice from a wide range of practitioners as well as fellow therapists.

Katie referenced consultants, managers and even people from different fields of work that have positively influenced her career and advises you to reach out and find your own mentor to help you out!

#2 Find The Leaders In Your Field

This is awesome advice.

It seems super simple but who better to help you out than the clinical leaders in that field.

If you have an interest in hamstring injuries, or the shoulder, or women’s health like Katie, or something different…

Find the leaders in that field.

Finding those therapists or academics who are at the top in their respective fields, will help you keep your finger on the pulse as to what the latest evidence and latest developments are in this area.

#3 Put Time Into Your CPD

Katie spoke how important CPD is to your confidence.

The more knowledgeable you can become, the more you develop your skills, the more confident you will become in your own ability…

And the more confident your patients and athletes will become in your ability to get them better.

However, Katie referenced how this does not just happen…

You need to be proactive and you need to make time for consistent CPD, otherwise it will not happen.

Katie had a great tip about making a plan to schedule CPD otherwise, as you will probably already have done, it is often the first thing that falls by the wayside and this is the main reason so many of you struggle to engage with consistent CPD.

We covered loads more on the podcast and you can hear it in full here.

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