The Best Of New Grad Physio 2019

Posted By: Andy Barker

As we near the end of 2019 what better way to round off the year by taking a look, or listen, to my popular resources.

These 3 resources have been the most viewed, most listened to and most downloaded, so if you haven’t caught up with them yet, here they are…

Manual Therapy – Myth Or Marvel? [BLOG]

Many therapists are either pro manual therapy or strongly against it.

Whichever camp you sit in, or even if your somewhere in the middle, nearly all therapists do NOT understand the aim of manual therapy and as a result, are NOT able to use it to get quicker patient results.

Learn what manual therapy actually does and how can you use it to help get your patients out of pain and make quicker progress along your treatment plan.

Catch it HERE

The New Grad Physio Podcast: ‘Why EVERY Therapist Needs A Mentor’ [PODCAST]

In this episode of The New Grad Physio Podcast you will discover exactly WHY you need a mentor to help you accelerate your learning and climb the promotion ladder faster than you ever thought possible.

Specifically learn…

How Asking For Help Smoothens The Transition From University And Into The Real World So You Can STOP Stagnating In Your Learning & Learn The Quickest Way To Climb The Promotion Ladder

Why Getting A Mentor Is A Long-Term Investment & How To Make It Work For You In Both The Short & Long Term

The #1 Reason Your Previous Attempts To Get A Mentor Have Been Unsuccessful & What You Should Do Instead

Listen to it HERE

‘5 Steps To Fast-Track Your New Grad Physio Career’ [FREE PDF]

This is my most popular downloadable resource I have produced and you can get it completely FREE.

In the PDF You will learn The Specific Steps You Need To Take To Accelerate Your Learning And Career As A New Grad Physio.

Specifically you will learn…

Why You MUST Take A Different Path To Everybody Else If You Want To Fast-Track Your Learning & Development When You Graduate.

How To Stop Your Treatment Sessions Feel Rushed & Running Over, Giving You The Time Needed For Your Hands-On Treatment Techniques & Rehab Exercises.

How To Get Your Patients To Believe And Trust In You As A Therapist And What You Are Telling Them, So They Don’t See You As Just Another ‘Young’ & ‘Inexperienced’ Therapist & Actually ‘Buy-In’ To Your Treatment Plan

The Missing ‘Career’ Skill Set University Didn’t Teach You, Which Is Stopping You Getting Better Roles, More Money & More Opportunities As A New Grad Physio.

How To Gain The CLARITY, COMPETENCE, CONFIDENCE, COMPETITIVENESS & How To CONNECT With The Right Help And Support, So You Can Start To Enjoy A Successful Life As A New Grad Physio.

Download your FREE resource here HERE

Thanks for all your support in 2019 and here’s to a BIGGER 2020…