Top Tips From A Top Sports Physio

Posted By: Andy Barker

I am delighted to announce the first guest speaker on my upcoming New Grad Physio Lower Limb Injury Summit top sport and private practice physio Gareth Robinson.

You may remember the name as appeared previously on my podcast and he was the first physio I asked to be a guest speaker when I first started planning this event.

I have had the pleasure of working with Gareth previously in a couple of different sports and within private practice, and he is without question one of the most passionate therapists I know.

He loves what he does and loves helping others…

Not just his patients and athletes, but other therapists too.

He has a wealth of experience from working at the highest level in both codes of rugby and football…

Experience traveling the world with a top golfer as his personal physio…

And an extensive private practice background including being the physiotherapy manager of a large private hospital.

When we spoke previously on the podcast one thing Gareth mentioned was about ‘investing early’ in your career.

Gareth spoke about how if he had his time again as a new grad that he would have invested in himself much earlier than he did.

He mentioned he would have done this as a student at University, even before qualifying… 

To get the help and support he needed to avoid many of the pitfalls and challenges he came up against when he first graduated.

Like so many students and new grads Gareth said he knew at the time he needed to do more CPD to fill in the gaps from his University teaching…

But he was unsure about what to do.

Equally he was skeptical and concerned that any time, effort and money that he invested might not be worth it (how common is this!)

I see this all the time.

Nobody wants to waste their time, efforts or money on the wrong type of CPD.

The whole purpose of CPD is not to collect certificates but to actual learn something new that you can take away and actually use in your own practice.

All with the aim to get better results with the patients or athletes that you work with.

Gareth is speaking about ankle injury management at the New Grad Physio Lower Limb Summit and I for one can not wait for him to speak.

Join me, Gareth and 100’s of therapists that have already registered for this CPD event…

New Grad Physio Lower Limb Injury Summit 

It’s 4 hours of online CPD, for FREE, and it’s happening on Saturday 7th May 2022.

You can find out more details here.


The New Grad Physio Mentor

PS. I’ll be announcing the other guest speakers over the next couple of weeks as I bring you the biggest brains from the healthcare world…

Including a top surgeon, strength and conditioning coach and another top physio! 

There is a limit to how many therapists that will be able to join on the day so make sure you secure you place right now.

You can do that now right here.