What they do not tell you about lower back pain at Uni​

Posted By: Andy Barker

If you have already graduated you will know that there is a big gap between between what you were taught at University…

And what you need to know to survive as a new grad physio.

Working with real patients is different to your classmates in a practical session or when you were on placement.

Then you were still learning and you had that student tag that allowed you to get things wrong.

But once you qualify that all changes.

Patients expect results.

They do not care if you qualified last year or 10 years ago…

They just want you to tell them what is going on with their back and tell them how you are going to fix it.

Lower back pain is something you will see more than any other injury.

Globally there is no MSK problem that affects more people than the lower back (Wu et al, 2017).

At University…

You were taught about the importance of red flag questioning to try rule out anything sinister going on with your patient…

But your lecturers failed to tell you one really important red flag question.

You learnt the main pathologies in the lumbar spine but how do you treat the less common ones and even more important than that…

How do you differentially diagnose the lower back when there are so many different types of lower back pain?

You were taught some basic hands-on treatments…

And lower back exercises…

But as you have probably already worked out, these are limited and do not work for every patient you see with lower back pain.

Want to know what does work with real patients with lower back pain and learn how to get great results, even as a young and inexperienced physio?

I’ll be showing you exactly how to do this in this week’s FREE lower back training…

How To Make Sense of Lower Back Pain So You Are Safe & Feel Confident Even With More Complex Cases

In less than 60 minutes you will learn all this…

– The #1 Red Flag Question You Need To Ask To Rule Out Serious Lower Back Pathology So You Feel Safe & Confident Your Patient Does NOT Need A Quick Onward Referral

– How To Easily Differentially Diagnose Lower Back Pain Patients & Without Having To Complete #101 Special Tests!

– Why You Need To Rule Out The Hip (& Rib-Cage) With EVERY Lower Back Pain Patient Or Risk Treating The Wrong Thing & Your Patient Not Improving

– Why Most Lower Back Exercises (And Treatments) Do NOT Work & What You Need To Do Differently If You Actually Want To See Your Patient Progress & Not Flare Them Up


This training will help you fill in all the blanks that University did not teach you. 

I have added a case study at the end of the webinar to help you make sense of lower back pain and see how this stuff works in real life…

With real patients…

To give you the knowledge and confidence to clinically reason what is going on with your patients and what treatments and rehab exercises you need to prescribe.

Join me this for this FREE training…

How To Make Sense of Lower Back Pain So You Are Safe & Feel Confident Even With More Complex Cases

Wednesday 23rd February 2022 at 7 pm (UK Time).

Please note there will be no recording or replay made available after this live event (unless your in my membership).

I had to rearrange this webinar from last week as I got caught up in camp working with an International sports team.

So with webinar registration being open for an additional week, means that not many places are left…

So move quick to secure you seat

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Andy Barker

The New Grad Physio Mentor

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