Your Dream Job – How Long Are You Prepared To Wait?

Posted By: Andy Barker

Think of your career journey like a car journey.

You want to get from A to B.

A is where you are right now.

B is where you want to get to (dream job).

Whatever your career goal I truly believe you can achieve it, if you are willing to put some work in and if you follow the right path.

The hard work bit takes care itself.

If you dedicate time and put some effort in to your learning and development this is a great start.

Following the right career path is not so easy…

Especially when you do not know how to do this.

It is not something you are taught how to do at University and once you graduate you are left to try figure this out yourself.

This is tough and early set-backs, like those failed placement or job
applications, are the primary reason so many therapists give up on their dreams so early in their careers.
This is sad.

You went to Uni because you saw yourself doing that job in sport, or opening your own clinic…

But a year or two after graduating you have already given up hope on ever achieving these goals.

Maybe you have already faced some barriers that have prevented your career progression.

Like those placement or job applications that got knocked back.

Maybe you have uncertainty about where to get a job first, should it be the NHS, private practice or should you try get into sport straight away.

Maybe you are just about to graduate or have already graduated and you still are unsure about what you really want to do.

These are all real life problems and challenges that both students and new grads reach out to me about every day.

You may think that the job market and your ability to get your foot in the door is largely outside of your control.

But this is wrong!

Where You Are Going WRONG With The Shoulder

Going back to the car journey analogy.

Your therapy career is that car journey.

Firstly, to get anywhere, you need to know where you are heading.

Getting in a car and just driving is unlikely to get you to your desired destination.

Like an early career in the NHS is unlikely to get you a fast path to a job in sport.

If you know where you are heading you can get there much quicker.

It’s like using the sat nav in the car, putting in the postcode to get you there in the fastest possible time, rather than just driving and hoping for the best.

You need to work this out pretty quickly as some career paths can take you further away from your dream job, without you even realising and actually ‘trap’ you in a particular area of therapy.

This ‘self-sabotage’ happens all the time.

Maybe you are doing it right now…

Working in a job thinking it is great, because you are gaining experience and that will help you progress your career in the long run.

Depending on what experience and where you are working this might actually be the complete opposite.

But if nobody has told you this, you would never know!

There is no perfect path to any dream job but there is always the fastest path.

I’m assuming you would like to achieve your dream job asap.

Why have a 10 year goal when you could do it in 5 years, or even 3?

Your 10 year plan is competing that car journey, traveling from A to B, but much slower, like if you were traveling by bus.

The bus is slower, it has to keep stopping for people to get on and pay and it’s a bumpy ride.

Your 5 year plan might be you driving across town, clearly much quicker than the bus, but you having to navigate the journey and the traffic on your own.

Your 3 year plan is you being driven across town, by an expert, like a taxi driver, showing you the best path, dodging any obstacles that might come your way (traffic) to get you to your destination asap.

You can have all the will, motivation and enthusiasm in the world but if you do not know how to open doors, to stand out from the crowd, to get ahead of your peers, then you will likely never get your career to where you want it to go.

You may be the best student or graduate for that dream placement or job, but if you do not understand how the job market works and how to get your foot in the door, you may never get the opportunity to show what you can do.

Unfortunately, the best therapists do not always get the best opportunities.

The best opportunities come to those that understand how to play the job game and get their foot in the door.

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