Your Vital Career Mistake

Posted By: Andy Barker

It might be that dream first job…

Perfect placement…

Or even that next promotion that will give you more responsibility, more authority or more pay.

Why is it that some people seem to get ‘lucky’ and get the best opportunities…

Whilst this ‘luck’ never seems to happen to you?

The vital career mistake that students and new grads make is believing that your success as a student or new grad has anything to do with luck.

It has zero to do with luck and 100% to do with how you apply yourself.

Firstly, you need to be ready for when that opportunity comes.

You need to have the confidence in your skills and ability to get results with the patients or athletes you might work with.

When that opportunity comes you need to be able to deliver, especially in sport and private practice, otherwise you may find yourself out of the door faster than you walked in.

So if you are applying for jobs but in reality you know you are not ready, then you probably should not be applying for these roles…

And instead you should be getting help to learn the skills, expand your knowledge and grow your confidence in how to better assess, treat and rehab patients.

Secondly, even if you have the clinical skills, you need to know how to get your foot in the door.

Because even with the right clinical skills, if you can not get your foot in the door, you will never get the opportunity to show what you can do.

Finding and applying for jobs or emailing sports clubs or clinics is just one way to get your foot in the door.

But there is a big problem with this approach…

99% of your fellow students or new grads are also doing the same thing.

So many applications and requests and not enough jobs or placements available, equals a lot of frustrated and confused therapists…

Left wondering why you did not get a call to attend for an interview or why that physio never replied to your email or message on LinkedIn. 

It is tough to get the create job and placement opportunities and almost impossible if you leave this to luck.

EVERYONE wants these opportunities…

But only a few ever achieve.

So many therapists talk to me about dreams of opening up their own clinic.

But the reality is most never will.

Did you know that 97% of people are employed by someone else?

Or put another way…

97 of every 100 therapists are employed by 3 therapists.

So the chances of you having a clinic and other people working for you is around 3%.

That’s pretty low!

The same stats apply to your dream job.

Just think about it…

The higher up the tree you go, the less jobs there are.

There are less Band 7 jobs, than Band 6 or Band 5 jobs…

And there are less head physio jobs than assistant, academy and part time therapy jobs in professional sport.

And you already know the chances of opening up yourself and being a success in private practice are pretty slim…

Add to the fact that 20% of businesses will go bust within the first year and 60% within 3 years…

You might think what’s the point?

If it’s that hard why should you bother?

It is only that hard because you are doing what everyone else is doing.

Think of the job you would love to do…

What is it?

How much are you getting paid?

How great do you feel driving into ‘work’?

I’m sure you have that dream job in your head.

It is that job that got you interested in therapy in the first place…

The reason you applied for your sports therapy, sports rehab or physio degree in the first place.

It is the role you see yourself doing in 5 years time.

It’s the reason you kept working hard at Uni to pass your assignments, exams and placements.

Or the reason you are spending hours on end after work right now searching and applying for jobs…

Trying to get that break to start climbing the career ladder.

Whilst it might be hard just think…

Somebody is doing your dream job and at some point they were in exactly the same position as you right now.

The big problem however, is so many other therapists, like you, would also love to do that same job.

I am almost positive that your dream job is not just working in a clinic doing massage…

If it was you would have just completed a £500 weekend massage course and not 3 years and put yourself in £50k work of debt.

You want to assess, treat and rehab patients. 

You want to earn a proper wage, like you should as a fully qualified therapist with a degree.  

You want to break into professional sport…

Or get off the NHS rotation train where you are currently stuck, doing those rotations you do not want to do!

Maybe you are happy with what you are doing right now and maybe I’m wrong.

You might already be doing your dream role…

Or at least have a super clear plan as to how you are going to get your dream role within the next few years.

That’s awesome.

But if you are like 99% therapists that I speak to, this is probably not you.

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